Is the Prime Shotgun in Fortnite the best close range weapon this season?

Is the Prime Shotgun in Fortnite the best close range weapon this season?
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Is the Prime Shotgun in Fortnite the best close range weapon this season?

Prime Shotgun was added to the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 loot pool after the v21.30 update. Although it has six rarities, the best, Mythic, is reserved for creative mode. It’s unclear why the developers did this, as other Mythic Shotguns are present in the normal Battle Royale mode.

However, based on this fact, the weapon is a powerful short-range beast capable of tearing opponents apart. While it does have some unique quirks, are they enough to help tag it as the best close range weapon of the season? Read on to find out.

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Prime Experience in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Prime Shotgun has been around for about ten days, give or take. However, in this short period, the Fortnite community has fallen in love with it, and there’s a good reason. At the lowest rarity, Common, the weapon deals 76 damage and 79 DPS.

While this number is lower than double shot and auto shotguns, the first shot fired from Prime deals 1.5x damage, roughly 114 in damage. Considering this, it becomes the second most powerful shotgun in current loot.

BATTLE ROYALE ITEM: PRIME SHOTGUNFortnite Prime ShotgunThe Prime Shotgun is a unique shotgun that rewards players who reload frequently. This shotgun deals bonus damage when fired from a full clip! Reload that first round over and over again to maximize its damage.

However, for some players, this first-shot bonus damage may not seem all that useful and turns more towards being a gimmick. This sentiment, to an extent, is true, as you will have to constantly reload to get the extra damage.

That said, with only four rounds per magazine, pausing to reload is probably the norm at this point.

Speaking of reloads, one of the other Prime Shotgun quirks in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is its reload time. All weapon rarities have a fixed reload time of 4.5 seconds.

The only shotgun it has beaten this time around is the Striker Pump Mythic variant, which has a 4.2 second reload time.

Given the low reload time, it can be said that loopers will hypothetically gain an advantage in in-game combat even while using the Prime Shotgun common rarity. However, since reload times don’t improve with better rarities, there is some performance loss in that segment.

That said, the weapon is well balanced and perfectly suited for most close-range encounters in Fortnite. While a larger magazine would have helped, the 1.5x first-shot damage bonus and low reload time more than make up for its shortcomings.

What does the Prime Shotgun community think of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3?

Despite nowhere near the godly OG Pump, Prime has found plenty of fans in the community. The bonus damage on the first shot is its main feature for most users.

Even if it’s not enough to kill an opponent, hitting over 100 damage in a single shot is a big deal. This is what fans have to say:

While the sentiment towards this weapon is mostly one of good vibes, not everyone is in love with it. One user said:

“It’s cool and useful, but I wish they would stop giving shotguns tricks. I’m not sure why they couldn’t have nerfed the Bomb to 185 and then kept it there instead of jumping it.”

While Epic Games has the final say on the weapon damage cap, having the OG Pump back in the game would make a lot of players happy. Although the cheats aren’t too bad, players need to adjust and memorize them to get the most out of the weapon.

Having said all that, it can be concluded that, according to the vast majority, the Prime Shotgun is the best close-range weapon this season. The only real drawback is the low mag count, which can be overcome by switching to a secondary weapon.

Other than that, the weapon is a big “W” for Fortniters.

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