From Beyonce to Lady Gaga: Five Fortnite Collaborations That Didn’t Happen Despite Being Leaked

From Beyonce to Lady Gaga: Five Fortnite Collaborations That Didn’t Happen Despite Being Leaked
Written by ga_dahmani
From Beyonce to Lady Gaga: Five Fortnite Collaborations That Didn’t Happen Despite Being Leaked

Fortnite recently collaborated with the famous anime series Naruto. Also, the battle royale game is planning another anime collaboration with the Dragon Ball Z series. No doubt, Fortnite has achieved many exciting collaborations with famous TV series, movies, and even personalities like Neymar and Ariana Grande.


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Fortnite is a free to play online multiplayer battle royale game. In this game, up to 100 players land on an island. These players fight each other until only one man is left standing. It has a large number of fans around the world. But aside from gameplay, the other reason for its popularity is marketing through various collaborations.


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epic games try to get a fascinating collaboration for Fortnite every time. However, there have been some collaborations that the developers mocked but never followed through on. Fans eagerly awaited those collaborations, but never got to experience them. Let’s look at some of those Fortnite collaborations that didn’t happen.


The DOOM franchise is an absolute favorite for gamers who like shooting games. Furthermore, DOOM showcased the best that an FPS game has to offer and continued to deliver that experience with the latest installment of DOOM Eternals. So DOOM would have been a great option to collaborate on Fortnite.

In April 2022, there were rumors of a Fortnite collaboration with DOOM. A leaker even revealed seeing a Doom folder on a Fortnite developer’s computer during an Epic Games Unreal Engine 5 stream. Fans were eagerly awaiting this collaboration. However, it never came true.

Family man

Who does not know the Griffin family? Family Guy is one of the most famous American adult animated sitcoms. There were rumors that Epic Games was planning to collaborate with the Griffins. Fans were thrilled to play characters like Peter and Chris Griffin in Fortnite.

When leakers saw the DOOM folder during the Unreal Engine 5 stream, they also saw another folder called Family Guy. Everyone was anxiously waiting for Epic Games to officially announce this collaboration. But it never happened, and it looks like it was a failed leak.

Chris Hemsworth (Tyler Rake)

Famous Marvel actor Chris Hemsworth has collaborated with Fortnite. Epic Games released a Thor skin to promote Hemsworth’s latest MCU movie, Thor: Love and Thunder. However, there were rumors about another Chris Hemsworth collaboration.

The 38-year-old appeared in the 2020 action film Extraction, playing the role of a mercenary named Tyler Rake. In 2021, a data miner found data that revealed clothing similar to Rake. Fans were looking forward to this skin, but it never came out.


Fortnite has collaborated with famous singers like Weekend and Psy. They turned famous steps from songs like “Blinding Lights” and “Gangnam Style” into emotes. Fortnite dance moves, also called emotes, are popular with fans. So it’s an awesome way to turn famous dance moves into a Fortnite emote.

Epic Games planned a supposed collaboration with another singer, and it is none other than the queen of R&B Beyonce. A leaker revealed that Fortnite could feature her as an NPC, and her costume and dance moves from the Grammy-winning song “Single Ladies” would be coming to the battle royale game.

Lady Gaga

Last year, Epic Games collaborated with the famous singer Ariana Grande to organize the Rift Tour. It was a virtual event and it was a colossal success. Fans love the experience of this virtual concert where a Fortnite version of the famous American star was presented.


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Recently, leaks suggested that Epic Games is planning another virtual concert. However, it is rumored that they collaborate with the winner of 18 Grammy Awards, Lady Gaga. It might even become an even bigger hit than Grande’s Rift Tour. However, it has not happened yet.

Without a doubt, Fortnite has featured many mind-blowing collaborations. Even these rumored collaborations seemed like great ideas. It would be interesting to see if these rumors can come true one day.


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