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CDL Champs 2022: Atlanta FaZe Favorites, LA Thieves & Subliners Rivals & Other Key Stories

CDL Champs 2022: Atlanta FaZe Favorites, LA Thieves & Subliners Rivals & Other Key Stories
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CDL Champs 2022: Atlanta FaZe Favorites, LA Thieves & Subliners Rivals & Other Key Stories

. Last update: August 01, 2022

CDL Champs 2022 will be the 10th world championship tournament in the life of Call of Duty. With over a decade of CoD esports and a foundation built by a small handful of our current stars, it’s the young guns of Atlanta FaZe who are looking to make history, but their opponents hope to play spoiler in CoD’s most unpredictable season yet. date. .

The Call of Duty Championship is the main event on the CoD calendar. It’s the climactic moment following a hard-fought year of intense Call of Duty action, the decisive victory in many players’ careers.

CDL Champs 2022 will be no different, with eight teams battling it out at the Galen Center in Los Angeles from August 4-7, and this time, any team could do it, though some will have the weight of anticipation on their shoulders.

Atlanta FaZe looks to make history

The Atlanta FaZe has been the standout team of the CDL era, a dominant force since franchises were introduced to esports with multiple championship wins and comparisons to the Complexity and OpTic Gaming dynasties of yesteryear.

Despite being favorites at every Major in the 2022 season, they failed to clear the last hurdle, placing second in Majors 1, 2 and 3, and third in Major 4.

Expectations have remained high throughout 2022 for the reigning CDL champions, and they head into the event as favorites once again. They have a chance to secure the dynasty moniker once and for all, as well as become some of the most successful players in CoD history. This would be impressive considering they are still relatively new to the pro scene, especially compared to the GOATs in the game.

LA Thieves, the team to beat?

LA Thieves on stage at CDL 2022 Major IV

Twitter: LA Thieves

The LA Thieves were the surprise winners at Major 4, but they think they are the team to beat.

The LA Thieves are perhaps the main team standing in the way of Atlanta FaZe championship hopes. Not many anticipated his victory at Major 4, but his improvements had been clear throughout the qualifiers, despite going largely unnoticed.

The two teams sit on opposite sides of the bracket, meaning fans will have to wait for the winners’ final for the two to potentially meet, but that could give the best tilt on who will walk away with the championship ring.

Simp, Arcitys, and aBeZy already have two rings each, but Octane and Kenny have been chasing the former for a few years and won’t make it easy for FaZe.

NY Subliners aiming to end their miraculous run with a bang

The New York Subliners pulled off a miraculous run at Major 4, winning the Champs standings by the skin of their teeth after coming in second, and they head into Champs with an incredible amount of drive and self-confidence, not to mention Crimsix. , the best player of all time.

The Subliners are 0-3 against FaZe on the season, though the two teams haven’t met since Week 1 of the Major 3 qualifiers. Going into the Round 1 matchup, the Subliners will be in no doubt about their ability to take down tournament favourites, and with a Round 2 showdown against either the London Royal Ravens or the Seattle Surge, the winner of that match will have a strong chance of reaching the final. winners end.

Can OpTic Texas really challenge?

Texas Optical CDL

Twitter: OpTicTexas

OpTic Texas hopes to live up to the hype at Champs, but that will be easier said than done.

OpTic Texas is the most popular team in the CDL and after winning Major 1, many viewers were looking forward to another year of dominance by the team in green.

However, what followed was disappointment and disorder. They placed in the Top 6 at Majors 2 and 3, with an injury sustained by iLLeY causing the team problems. His comeback then brought OpTic Texas back into the top 4 at Major 4.

With more practice on the team belt, OpTic fans will be in no doubt that the team can win it all, and while not impossible, they don’t have the same drive as FaZe, Thieves, or Subliners.

OpTic coach Rambo claimed that Major 4 was just practice for his team; Now they have to go out and prove it.

What happens with the rest?

Vanguard’s season has been their most unpredictable to date, with three winners seemingly out of nowhere in the LA Thieves, Seattle Surge and LA Guerrillas.

While it’s easy to look at Atlanta FaZe and say they should win the tournament, what happens in practice is very different from how things end up happening.

It’s more than plausible that teams like the Seattle Surge, Toronto Ultra and London Royal Ravens will cause serious upsets.

London Royal Ravens CDL Win

call of duty league

Teams like the London Royal Ravens hope to spoiler the favorites this weekend.

Seattle was the winner of Major 3 and has MVP-caliber players on their team in Pred and Sib, while London could be seriously dangerous if they translate their performances online to LAN.

The Toronto Ultra, runners-up in 2021, have failed to reach the heights of the previous year so far in 2022, but the chemistry and composure of this quartet will make the battle difficult for any opponent.

Yes, Atlanta FaZe are the favorites, but at Vanguard and Call of Duty esports in general, being the favorite is almost never a guarantee of success.

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