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Netflix’s Resident Evil Season 2 Could Be Saved With A Soft Reboot

Netflix’s Resident Evil Season 2 Could Be Saved With A Soft Reboot
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Netflix’s Resident Evil Season 2 Could Be Saved With A Soft Reboot

Netflix’s Resident Evil seems to have been a hit, but it’s received some pretty terrible reviews; here’s why season 2 should get a soft reset.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Netflix demonic resident

from netflix demonic resident received largely negative reviews, but here’s why a soft reboot could save season two. between netflix demonic resident series and seven theatrical films, there have been many live-action attempts to bring the video game saga to life. However, outside of 2021 Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City – which adapted the first two innings of the game – these attempts have largely ignored the source material.

Jovovich mile demonic resident the films centered around an original protagonist named Alice, and while various monsters and characters from the games appeared, the films went in their own direction. The same is true for Netflix demonic resident, which is part teen drama and part post-apocalyptic action show. While the showrunners confirmed that the video games form the show’s backstory, this only translated into Easter eggs and callbacks that, aside from explaining how Lance Reddick’s Wesker is suddenly not dead, had little tangible connection to the show’s backstory. games.


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The show appears to have been a hit for Netflix as it reached the top 10 in over 92 countries. That said, the overall critical consensus has been poor, with fairly low scores on both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. Despite Netflix Hate demonic resident has received, in theory the approach it took to adapt the games could have worked. The franchise has been running for over 25 years and therefore has a lot of tradition to draw from, thus giving newcomers a clean slate to introduce them to the world of demonic resident while also paying homage to the games is logical. Unfortunately, pitch issues, bad dialogue, and unsavory leads were issues that plagued season 1, and if the show is going to continue, hitting the reset switch might be the next best thing.

Netflix’s Resident Evil Season 2 Could Be Saved With A Soft Reboot

Resident Evil welcome to raccoon city ada wong netflix resident evil wesker

from netflix demonic resident it ended its first season with teenage versions of Jade and Billie Wesker searching for Ada Wong, a spy character from the games. This suggests that the second season plans to take out more of the source material, while Resident Evil: Village’s Lady Dimitrescu has been touted as a possible villain. The show could use Ada’s introduction as an excuse to simply adapt the games, possibly showing the fall of Raccoon City in 1998 from her perspective and bringing in more fan favorites like Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield. Instead of paying lip service to the material it’s based on, Netflix demonic resident can lean on its rich history.

A major problem with Welcome to Raccoon City it’s that the movie tried to squeeze too many characters and stories into a 100-minute runtime. An eight-part series would have served it much better, and Netflix demonic resident could easily do that. The series doesn’t need to completely abandon its Wesker family drama or Season 1 developments either, but to win back audiences burned by its inaugural series, the show would do well to resemble a demonic resident to show. Time will tell if Netflix demonic resident he even gets a second series, but if he wants to survive beyond that, a course correction is required.

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