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Nemesis from Resident Evil comes to life in a horrible limited edition statue

Nemesis from Resident Evil comes to life in a horrible limited edition statue
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Nemesis from Resident Evil comes to life in a horrible limited edition statue

Numskull Designs has announced that it is making a statue of Nemesis Tyrant from Resident Evil 3, standing nearly 11 inches tall.

Numskull Designs has announced a new figure based on Nemesis from Resident Evil 3, which stands nearly 11 inches tall. Nemesis is a fearsome Resident Evil 3 villain, chasing Jill Valentine through the chaotic streets of Raccoon City. He is a Tyrant-class monster who has been sent to deal with all the members of the S.TA.RS team, in order to cover up the Umbrella Corporation’s involvement in the Spencer Mansion incident.

Nemesis only appeared in one solo demonic resident game (not counting spin-offs and remakes), since Jill Valentine managed to destroy it in Resident Evil 3, but has become one of the most famous monsters in the series. The concept of being chased through the game originated with Mr. X in resident evil 2but Nemesis took things to a whole new level, as he was much faster than Mr. X and had a much scarier design, resembling Clive Barker’s Cenobites. hellraiser. The love for the character is such that he became a playable fighter in the Marvel vs. Capcom series, with dead by daylight also adding demonic resident‘s Nemesis DLC based on the franchise that also featured leads Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine.


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Nemesis will soon appear as a collectible figure. Numskulls Designs has announced that it is developing a Nemesis figure, which will join its line of demonic resident merchandise, including figures based on the Licker monsters from resident evil 2 and the Tyrant T-002 from the original demonic resident. There’s currently no word on a release date or price, but it’s worth mentioning that Licker and Tyrant T-002 are around $100/£80 each. A video with the Nemesis statue is available at Numskull Skins Youtube channel.

the demonic resident Nemesis was created in a lab, while this figure has hand-painted features for more detail. The Nemesis figure is a limited edition officially licensed Capcom item, standing 10.9″ (27.7 cm) tall, with a base consisting of intricate cracked asphalt and police hazard tape. The Nemesis version depicted in the figure is also sporting the rocket launcher she uses to try and destroy Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 3.

Nemesis has appeared in many demonic resident merch over the years, especially as a figure or statuette, but the one from Numskulls looks particularly impressive. The figure shown in the trailer is still a prototype model and the final version may vary, so be sure to double check closer to its release for any changes to the figure. Nemesis is a popular demonic resident villain, and the new figure will be a towering member of any nerd merch centerpiece.

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