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Is the new series better?

Is the new series better?
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Is the new series better?

With all franchises having lived well beyond their original intent, a fun phenomenon arises when a series has a widely despised entry. Every franchise has an entry or two that sits at the bottom of everyone’s list, but when a new losing streak hits, some fans apologize to their old favorite punching bag.

In addition to Pokémon, demonic resident It is the video game franchise that has seen the most adaptations to the screen. A series of six films ran from 2002 to 2016, grossing a total of around $1.2 billion, making it the most profitable horror film series ever. That series was restarted last year with modest success. This year, Netflix released its long-awaited free adaptation of the material.


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Although it might surprise those who watched it, the 2022 Netflix adaptation of demonic resident It sports the highest Rotten Tomatoes score of any live-action adaptation of the franchise. By that metric, the only movies to top it are Resident Evil: Degeneration Y Resident Evil: Damnation. While taking the top spot would be an impressive thing in most situations, his crowning achievement is a rousing 53% critical score. This is less a feat of successful cinema than a beneficiary of lower expectations. Each demonic resident The movie received a lot of understandable pushback from fans of gaming and quality movies. The question is, does the new Netflix series solve any of the fundamental problems of the previous adaptations? There are two ways to judge work against each other; as adaptations and as independent works.

demonic resident in adaptation

Perhaps the repeated failure to make anything decent out of one of the most iconic video game franchises of all time suggests more about the source than the adaptations. Is it possible that the franchise can not be filmed? Perhaps the combination of an incomprehensible story and B-movie characters just doesn’t translate to modern cinema. If that were the case, Netflix demonic resident it would not be adequate evidence to prove it.

Like the previous movies, demonic resident he is extremely rare in his use of items from the games. Identical monsters appear regularly, but they are just borrowed designs without the impact of their in-game counterparts. Existing characters in the original film series appeared with the full narrative weight of evil cosplay. The new series is the first work to explicitly tie into the game’s canon. The original series had its own separate canon, while Welcome to Raccoon City he dramatized the events of the games as they were. Although placing it in the existing RE The timeline raises a lot more questions than it answers, which means the narrative has to do its best to tie things together.

It doesn’t matter if an adaptation accomplishes all the plot elements, it’s far more important that it captures the spirit of the source material. Arguably, the adaptation that does both better is Welcome to Raccoon CityY. Many elements of the new show feel thematically tied to the game’s anti-corporate message, painting Umbrella as the same comically evil big pharma business as always. A generous viewer might point out that the change between 2022 and 2036 reflects the game franchise’s evolution from Romero-esque zombie horror to military action. That’s about as far as the comparisons go, though. For all its monster logos and designs, Netflix’s version of the franchise feels like an unrelated zombie series that it was named after. So it’s barely better as an adaptation, but is it a holistic product better than the movies?

demonic resident versus demonic resident

The 2036 horror/action half of the new series feels like a direct response to the original film series. Unfortunately, it confidently brings almost all the same problems and adds some new ones. The survivors remain mostly unrecognizable nobodies who can barely stand a single character trait. The main hero remains an emotionally blank cipher who exists to perform the boring action beats. The monsters remain as thoughtless as wild animals and serve only as target practice or cheap blood. The environments are still mostly gray industrial areas and sewer tunnels that resemble bad shooter maps.

The biggest change between the new series and the classic movies from an action perspective is that the focal point is no longer superhuman. Alice was a very weak lead, but her fights and comedic shootouts from hyper-competent martial arts were often the most entertaining aspects of such silly movies. Without that, the action of the new series isn’t grounded enough to be The Walking Dead or funny enough to be demonic resident.

Most of the bad things about the original adaptations of demonic resident are duly preserved in the most recent version of the material. Improvements are few and far between, but, at least, it’s wrong in interesting ways. from netflix demonic resident It’s not a step in the right direction for video game adaptation, but it’s not really a step back either. Like the monsters in the franchise, no matter how many times it goes down, this franchise just won’t stay dead.

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