Can you get more than 30 FPS on Nintendo Switch?

Can you get more than 30 FPS on Nintendo Switch?
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Can you get more than 30 FPS on Nintendo Switch?

Epic Games released Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch in 2018. Even with several drawbacks compared to other consoles and PCs, the battle royale game is extremely popular on the handheld device.

According to official figures, every other Switch owner has downloaded the game, which is about 11 million players.

Unfortunately, users often wonder if they can get more than 30 FPS while playing Fortnite on Nintendo Switch. Taller, softer frames always make a title more fun and pleasing to the eye.

Choppy frames are always a disappointment, especially at a BR that gives players with a better frame rate an advantage.

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Although Epic offers a variety of visual and graphical settings for its Battle Royale game, it seems the Nintendo Switch loopers are largely ignored.

The title certainly runs in a better resolution when played in docked mode rather than handheld. However, this feature still doesn’t offer any relief when it comes to frame rate.

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch is locked at 30 FPS

As technology advances, accessibility to hardware that offers higher frame rates becomes easier. Consoles can now run games at 120 FPS and high-end PCs deliver 500+ frames.

Clearly, a smoother frame rate provides a significant advantage in competitive games. In the midst of this, the Nintendo Switch still does not offer Full HD resolution with 60 FPS in many games.

Do you like third-party multiplayer games on Nintendo Switch? Games like Warframe, Overwatch, Fortnite, etc? Do you play them on more powerful consoles?

Fortnite players seem to be facing the worst of the Nintendo Switch’s lack of solid hardware. Unlike all the visual settings that PCs and consoles offer, there is no FPS slider for the Nintendo Switch.

The only option Switch users get in the ‘Advanced Graphics’ section is to choose between displaying their FPS on screen. Even if the device screen can deliver higher framerates, Epic has locked it to 30 FPS for smoother performance.

When playing with other Nintendo Switch players, there is no real disadvantage except the skill gap. However, during cross-play, those with 30 FPS can hardly stand up to loopers that have more than four times the frames and a smoother screen.

Unless and until Nintendo plans to release a new version of the Switch with powerful hardware, gamers will have to keep playing at 30 FPS. However, most of those who play Fortnite on handheld are casual users and don’t mind the low frame rate.

I like how people make fun of the Switch version of Fortnite being 30fps when it was also 30fps when it released on PS4.

Loopers react to poor Nintendo Switch Fortnite experience

The lack of frames on a Nintendo Switch often ruins the experience for gamers who like to take their game to the next level. They often experience frame drops in heated situations like tricky builds or even 1v1 duels.

Naturally, gamers often describe the experience as unplayable.

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch must be one of the worst experiences of my life

Legitimate can’t aim without a frame drop that makes me do a 180

I just found out that Fortnite for Android and iOS hits 60FPS, while the Nintendo Switch edition maxes out at 30FPS… I don’t want to hear they’re different versions, one is a game console and the other is a phone mobile… … Bruhhhhhhhhh

All Switch gamers are playing at 30FPS. I want you to tell epic #Switch60FPS because the game is becoming unplayable. So let’s make the Nintendo Switch better together so we can all have a good time. #Fortnite #Switch60FPS

I don’t understand why the developers don’t use the mobile version of the games as a starting point for the Nintendo Switch. For example, Fortnite is limited to 30fps, but on lower end phones I can easily get 60fps. Then you have GTA SA on phones, and that could easily be installed on Switch.

Fortunately, one of the most significant advantages of playing the BR on the portable device is that it is portable. With an active internet connection, users can complete quests and earn XP to level up faster anytime, anywhere.

Clearly, there are pros and cons to playing Fortnite on the Switch, but the 30 FPS downside is something Nintendo will have to work on improving.

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