Battlefield can’t really compete with Call of Duty anymore


Battlefield can’t really compete with Call of Duty anymore

the Battlefield The franchise has been a defining IP among the saturated first-person shooter market. Launched in 2002, the series has explored many conventions of warfare over a myriad of time periods, redefining what can be expected from large-scale online FPS gaming.

Despite the industry-wide respect accorded to Battlefield, its recent shortcomings have put it significantly behind its main competitor in terms of relevance. How bright the immediate future of Obligations Look, it looks like he Battlefield The franchise requires a great deal of revitalization in order to once again compete in the shooter market.


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The recent decline of Battlefield

the Battlefield The franchise has historically established itself in the FPS market due to the unmatched scale and detail of its online gameplay. Sporting its characteristic “evolution” mechanic that allows players to destroy huge structures and dynamically interact with extremely detailed maps, Battlefield has always been seen as a more visceral, tactical, and robust gaming experience compared to the faster-paced nature of Obligations.

That said, recent installments of the Battlefield franchise have failed to combine and build on this previously successful formula, and have arguably even set back what is now expected of Battlefield How to play The seeds of controversy were first sown with the tumultuous launch of battlefield 5 due to his perceived disregard for historical accuracy, ushering in a more strained relationship between DICE and the Battlefield fan base

It’s no secret that battlefield 2042the most recent mainline title in the franchise, it hasn’t been as successful as DICE and EA would have hoped prior to its release. battlefield 2042 it has become known for its tumultuous launch, lacking features many consider absolute necessities for an online experience, such as in-game leaderboards. Given that the game currently has a lower average player count than much older franchise titles and is on sale for less than $20 despite being less than a year old, the franchise is arguably at a low. historical.

The recent renaissance of Call of Duty

To make things worse for Battlefieldits biggest competitor in the industry Obligations is having something of a franchise revival, compounding the negative elements of the former’s recent titles. Although the most recent releases of Cold War Y Vanguard were comparatively less successful, those of 2019 Modern war It was a turning point for call of Duty participation and popularity of recent players.

A contemporary reboot of the iconic Modern war The franchise, visceral gameplay, and returning beloved characters like Captain Price made the 2019 title extremely popular within the FPS community. Coupled with the popularity of its base singleplayer and multiplayer modes, the 2020 release of call of duty: war zone propelled the franchise to the forefront of the gaming industry as a whole.

Being call of Duty Take on the popular Battle Royale genre, war zone it reached 60 million players within two months of launch and remains one of the most popular battle royales in the gaming sphere. This momentum will continue with the next release of modern warfare 2which has been cataloged as the “most advanced Obligations to date”. With hype for the title already high due to the success of its predecessor, it’s set to launch alongside a war zone 2, further increasing the immediate prospects for IP. Even though the two franchises have historically gone blow for blow for two decades, the anticipated future success of Obligations seems to leave the fight Battlefield in a position where he simply cannot compete.

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