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Why the Resident Evil Movies Need to Feature the Giant Spiders

Why the Resident Evil Movies Need to Feature the Giant Spiders
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Why the Resident Evil Movies Need to Feature the Giant Spiders

The Resident Evil movies have featured many of the game series’ classic monsters, but here’s why the giant spiders need to make an appearance.

the demonic resident the movies should embrace the series’ inherent monster movie roots and introduce the giant spiders. the first of capcom demonic resident The game started as a new version of Sweet Homea title related to a 1989 horror film of the same name. Sweet Home it was kind of a prototype for the survival horror genre, but over time the remake project morphed into something more. Instead, demonic resident dropped players inside Spenser Mansion, a labyrinthine old mansion filled with zombies and other creatures.

The original demonic resident popularized the survival horror subgenre, leading to more titles like Capcom’s dinosaur crisis either Silent Hill. First demonic resident The movie landed in 2002, though its story deviated heavily from the games that spawned it. This mattered little to moviegoers, as the film received five direct sequels. In 2021, restart Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City – which cut off Barry and Rebecca – arrived, but while it kept the horror tone of the previous games, its poor script and poor visual effects made for a disappointing experience.


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Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City featured the STARS team investigating the Spenser Mansion, but outside of zombies, no other video game monsters appeared. The original demonic resident The games paid homage to classic monster movies with their lineup of creatures, which included giant snakes and moths. One of the most common enemies was the giant spiders, which have all but disappeared from most recent entries and have never appeared in a demonic resident movie; here’s why that needs to change.

Netflix’s Resident Evil featured a giant spider cameo

Spider from Netflix's Resident Evil.

the demonic resident the games pioneered survival horror, where a lack of ammo and health, combined with a fear of creatures that might be lurking unseen around the corner, added to the stress of the experience. The games were also unashamedly B movies, from the cheesy dialogue to the choice of monsters. Giant spiders are creatures straight out of a 1950s B-movie, but in a gaming context, they could be downright petrifying, especially for gamers with arachnophobia. the demonic resident Movie series used famous monsters like zombie dogs and Lickers constantly, but despite being silly B movies, they never used giant spiders.

Maybe it’s the fear that modern audiences won’t accept a giant spider monster (aka Web Spider) in their movie. That said, movies like the one from 2007 The fog showed that it was entirely possible for spider monsters to be hideous, and the next demonic resident The movie should embrace the core concept behind the previous games while retaining some of its monster movie charms. A spider monster also made a brief but hilarious cameo on Netflix. demonic resident series, proving that they can fully work in live-action.

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