How to get server world seed?

How to get server world seed?
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How to get server world seed?

Every Minecraft world is unique. This is because each world has a unique seed that is put into a generation algorithm when the world is created, using perlin noise to ensure randomness. Knowing the seed is powerful as players can recreate the world and search for potential loot and structures.

This means that players looking for an edge over their competition on multiplayer servers could use the World Seed to seek out amazing locations to loot.

Commands to get the seed of a multiplayer Minecraft world

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Players can effortlessly use a command to see the seed of the world they are currently in. Players will first need to open the Minecraft console. You can open a chat and you can type this into a slash, which will let Minecraft know that the next text is a command, or press the slash key, which will open a text box with the slash.

From there, players will need to type the command. The command is “/seed” and it will then display the world seed in the player’s chat where you can copy and paste it into a document to keep track of.

The biggest downside to this method is that players can only do it with admin privileges on the server, so most players won’t have access to it on the more popular servers.

Use of alternative launchers

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If a player is reaching a dead end with all the methods mentioned so far and is still determined to gain access to the world seed, there is an additional option. This involves using a mod to download the world file, starting the world as a single player world with cheats enabled, and using the /seed command from there.

Step 1: The most popular launcher that players can use for this method is the MultiMC launcher. Players must first navigate to the download section of the MultiMC website and download the launcher.

Step 2: Players need to extract the files from the downloaded zip file.

Step 3: Open the extracted folder and run the MultiMC.exe file.

Step 4: Follow the prompts in the installation wizard, select your Java version, and allocate at least four gigabytes of RAM.

step 5: Players will now need to install World Download Mode. This can be done through MultiMC. Players must click the “New Instance” button, a white rectangle that sits below a yellow circle with a star in the middle.

step 6: Set a name for the instance and make sure the mod and minecraft versions match. Then click OK.

Step 7: Click the button to edit the instance and then press the “Add to Minecraft.jar” option before confirming the action and selecting the zip file for the world download mod.

step 8: Double-click the file with the name set in step six to launch the tampered version of Minecraft.

step 9: Join the server to download the world, pause Minecraft, and use the “Download this world” button to start collecting world information. Walk through at least a few different chunks before stopping the download.

step 10: Open the downloaded world in single player and use the /seed command to get the seed. It is worth noting that this method is not guaranteed to provide the correct seed. Additionally, some servers consider using alternate launchers for hacking and may even ban a player caught using one, so this method carries considerable risk.

asking nicely

An example of a server spawn area, where players can find contact information for server administrators (Image via Minecraft)
An example of a server spawn area, where players can find contact information for server administrators (Image via Minecraft)

As mentioned in the commands section, most players cannot use the /seed command to view the world seed, as admin privileges are required to use the command. This means that most players will not have a real option to see the world seed in Minecraft.

This means that players who want the world seed will have an important option. This will be to contact the administrators of the server and ask for the seed, since they will be the only ones with access to the command that shows it.

Any player who wants to contact the admins of a server requesting the world seed should only do so once, as contacting them repeatedly to request this information could easily be construed as harassment and could result in server bans or bans. Players should also make sure to be courteous and respectful in their messages.

Why servers might hide their world seed

An example of a shard basemap and the information players can get from it (Image via :)
An example of a shard basemap and the information players can get from it (Image via 🙂

Much valuable information can be found in a world seed. Players can use websites and seeds to view the entire world, including biomes and structures, making it easy to find places that might have good loot. Players can also creatively load up the world seed to search for minerals and see which structures have good loot.

Knowing the world seed could give players a sizeable unfair advantage that many servers will want to avoid for server balance.

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