#SaveMinecraft is trending after controversial Minecraft update angers fans


#SaveMinecraft is trending after controversial Minecraft update angers fans

Minecraft fans are protesting the Minecraft Java Edition 1.9.1 update on Twitter using the hashtag “SaveMinecraft.”

The Minecraft community is protesting this latest update because it introduces a new chat reporting tool that opens private servers to moderation from the developer, Mojang Studios.

Gamers see the Minecraft Java update as a threat to the freedom they enjoy on private servers. They argue that the potential platform-wide ban is overly aggressive.

While some players blame Mojang Studios for going overboard with the Minecraft Java update, others attribute this development to Microsoft, the parent company of Mojang Studios.

Players believe the update is motivated by Microsoft’s desire to implement mass surveillance and stifle the freedom they enjoy in Minecraft. One player took to Twitter to express his disappointment with the update:

Seeing a game I grew up and loved start its downfall is extremely depressing, this is not the Minecraft I grew up with and should not be the Minecraft kids today are growing up with. #saveminecraft – @ImAPainYatta

Prior to the Minecraft Java Edition 1.91.1 update, private server owners were responsible for moderating their own servers. With the Minecraft Java update, players can report other players if they post inappropriate chat messages or display dangerous behavior.

Once a report is made, Minecraft moderators will review the report to determine what action should be taken, if any. Possible consequences include temporary or permanent bans from the platform for repeat offenders.

Players who support the Minecraft Java update believe that the reason for the new update is rampant incidents of verbal bullying, hate, sexual misconduct, and grooming within the game.

Rather, others are of the opinion that the update is a case of a corporate giant implementing a mass surveillance mechanism in a game that players have historically controlled.

Reasons behind Minecraft Java Edition 1.9.1 update

Although protesters believe the update is an intrusion on the privacy they have always enjoyed in Minecraft and presents an opportunity for malicious actors to exploit the new mechanism to unfairly ban others, Minecraft made clear in several posts on its blog and It helps that such a thing will not happen.

Minecraft believes that human moderation is necessary for online communities to be welcoming and not dangerous to player safety.

The Player Reporting FAQ goes further in stating that this update was necessary to ensure that the player reporting tool could be used on private servers because not all servers provide players with a means to report or resolve guideline violations. .

The FAQ makes it clear that chats will not be monitored and will be sent to moderators only when a player submits a report.

According to the FAQ, players cannot be banned for swearing, profanity, or talking about suicide. Complaints filed without evidence or falsified messages will also not be taken into consideration. Players will also not be banned based on the volume of reports.

The decision to implement a temporary/permanent suspension or ban will only be made after a human moderator reviews the report and has studied the surrounding chat lines to understand the context of the chat.

Players will be able to file an appeal to have their case re-reviewed by a human moderator.

Minecraft community manager responds on Reddit

Despite the growing campaign on social media, the Minecraft Java update is unlikely to be rolled back.

Although Microsoft and Mojang have yet to issue official responses to the social media backlash, the minecraft reddit Community Manager MojangMeesh stated that while the developer welcomes feedback from the community, it will not always change Mojang Studios’ design principles, which include updating the reporting system.

He stated,

“While we understand that this may not be the answer some of you expected, we do not plan to change it.”

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