Save Trending Minecraft after new and controversial update


Save Trending Minecraft after new and controversial update

Minecraft’s most recent update, which adds chat moderation features, has received a strong backlash from players over privacy concerns.

The latest update of Minecraft has been met with a strong backlash from gamers over privacy concerns. This follows the much more well received the wild updatewho added new Minecraft content in June.

Minecraft has seen its fair share of controversies in the past. They have mostly been related to creator Notch, whose real name is Markus Persson, who sold game development studio Mojang to Microsoft in 2014. Since then, Persson has come under fire multiple times for making a variety of hateful comments. on social networks. This series of incidents ultimately led to all references to his name being quietly removed from the game in 2019. Since then, the game’s development has progressed relatively without his input, which has in recent times included the release of various DLC packs. However, Persson took to Twitter last year apparently in protest at this new direction, saying that Minecraft now it’s a dead game.


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Now, however, the latest update of Minecraft has generated its own controversy and caused the hashtag ‘SaveMinecraft’ to trend on Twitter. As reported by rant of the gamethe new update 1.19.1 (which follows the wild update), introduces new chat moderation features for public and private game servers. The update means that chat messages now run through filters to scan and block any content deemed inappropriate, as well as allowing messages to be reported by other players. As a consequence of this, responsible users may be banned from playing on all servers, including private ones. This quickly led to the update being labeled “the chat report update” by certain groups of players. The reaction is similar to that generated by updates to other popular games, such as changes in Pok√©mon GOincense item.

Mojang stands firm on new Minecraft update despite backlash

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MinecraftThe new update has prompted gamers to quickly create workarounds to remove the moderation features. rant of the game reports that the software to achieve this “It’s already been downloaded over 200,000 times, and half of that was in one day.” However, despite intense protests, it appears that Mojang has no intention of reverting or altering the new moderation features. Reddit post, community manager mojangmeesh acknowledged the negative reactions from players, but stated that Mojang is I don’t plan to change it“, in a comment that has now received nearly 2,000 downvotes. In addition to this, they reiterated that channels like the official update thread on Reddit were the best way to express any discontent, explaining that there were multiple instances of fan harassment MojangMeesh asked. an end to this behavior, noting that it only served to distance the developers from the player base.

Despite keeping the decision to moderate chat, the extremely negative response from players shows that this is by no means a welcome addition to Minecraft. The fact that many have already modified their games to remove moderation features is proof of this. The issue of privacy is equally worrying; the fact that Mojang can see chat messages from private servers means that all players without software to mitigate this will be at risk of having their chats monitored. However, bullying is obviously not the answer to this, and toxic behavior needs to be addressed. In any case, the players have made their feelings known, and now only time will tell. Minecraft will remove these disappointing features.

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