How Minecraft Legends Expands Piglin Lore

How Minecraft Legends Expands Piglin Lore
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How Minecraft Legends Expands Piglin Lore

Minecraft It has a lot of history, but not much tradition. This game stands as one of the biggest single titles of the modern era, having penetrated the mainstream to such an extent that it has received a variety of books, content creators dedicated solely to it, attention in the educational system, and possibly a next movie. . Nevertheless, Minecraft it has never lost its simplistic charm. It’s still just a game about a nameless stranger who survives and builds things in a strange world full of monsters and portals to other dimensions.


what it does Minecraft the perfect breeding ground for other works to tell their own stories. Minecraft: Story Mode is obviously an example, as are the aforementioned books. Microsoft and Mojang have tried their hand at a simple side story in minecraft dungeonsbut now they are directly expanding the tradition of the universe with minecraft legends. While this game is another spin-off, it is based on a story in the universe passed down through generations of villagers. In it, a hero unites the mobs of the Overworld against the invading Piglins from the Nether. The presence of zombies and villagers working together means minecraft legends It shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but there may be a grain of truth about the enigmatic Piglins’ past.

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How Piglins Were Set Up in Normal Minecraft

piglins in Minecraft they’re a relatively recent addition, though there have been hints that they’ve been around for nearly a decade. Zombie Pigmen have been the traditional denizens of the Underworld, like the Nether, but it turns out they were just a placeholder. In 2020, the true civilization of the Nether was finally implemented: the Piglins. This race of pigmen lives entirely within the Nether, unable to leave without becoming Zombie Piglins. They usually live in Strongholds, but can be found almost anywhere alongside baby Piglins, Hoglins, and occasionally a Piglin Brute.

These creatures serve as an interesting parallel to the villagers and raiders of the overworld. They have their own social laws that revolve around gold and their possessions, and abiding by these laws will see Piglins treat players well. It is even possible to trade with them by delivering gold-based items. Left to fend for themselves, the Piglins simply live their lives, acting like more aggressive versions of Villagers. Several baby Piglins can stack on top of each other while riding Hoglins, and Piglins can organically organize hunting parties for Hoglins. Due to the multiple methods players can use to appease angry Piglins, patient adventurers can spend hours immersed in Piglin society.

What Minecraft Legends Adds To Piglins’ Backstory

That’s it in terms of what Minecraft presents at Piglins. They are, for better or worse, a product of the expansion of the Nether into their own developed game world. Because they cannot cross over into the normal Overworld, their interactions with any other part of the game are limited. However, the Villager stories that make up minecraft legends postulate that this was not always the case. At some point in the distant past, Piglins may have been able to extend the influence of the Nether into the Overworld to launch an attack on Villager society.

The truth of this is ambiguous, but it seems that the modern Piglins are the product of a fallen empire. The huge structures in the Nether suggest that there was once something much grander than the scattered communities that now exist. When the Piglins were a united front, they may have been just as aggressive as modern Pillagers. minecraft legends It may not be canon, but players still need to pay close attention to its story to notice several small details that may explain why modern Minecraft it is as it is How the Piglins were confined to the Nether, what their culture was like, and even why they are so obsessed with gold could be revealed in minecraft legends. Even if the gameplay is not to your liking, Minecraft Theorists should still check out the game.

minecraft legends releases in early 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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