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Things we’d love to see in Resident Evil 9

Things we’d love to see in Resident Evil 9
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Things we’d love to see in Resident Evil 9

Resident Evil: Village is the eighth installment in the popular survival horror series. It succeeded in expanding on what made Resident Evil 7 great and striking a fairly even balance of horror and action, harkening back to the series’ roots. Things seem to be looking up for Capcom’s pioneering survival horror series.

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With Village DLC and a remake of Resident Evil 4, fans of the series have a lot to ponder before Resident Evil 9 emerges. And when it does, here are several things we’d love to see in it.


10 Terror-Oriented, Action-Based

Horror vs action is an age old debate when it comes to RE games. Village never really tipped the scales too harshly by any means, but it didn’t reach the terrifying heights seen in the Baker house in RE 7. RE 9 would do well by asserting itself as a horror game first with supporting action elements.

Village struck gold with the terrifying sequence in House Benevent, and more carefully crafted sections like this wouldn’t go amiss in RE9. Elden Ring has set the standard for open world design, and RE 9 could easily do the same for modern survival horror.

9 An intimate open world

RE 9 could be a perfect opportunity to dip your series’ toes into true open-world design. RE: Village has set the blueprints for such a thing to happen, with a centralized hub area that you return to to progress to other areas.

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A fully explorable open-world horror experience could be just the ticket to keep the series from stagnating, as is often the case with third RE installments. This approach hasn’t really been seen since The Evil Within 2, so RE 9 could take the series to a whole new level.

8 Maintain consistent quality

RE games always seem to lose quality when the last third acts are played. From RE 4’s gun-firing island to RE 7’s bizarre Mia undercover mission, it seems that RE can’t help but arm you with more bullets than you might need and ask you to shoot the remaining minutes of their game, which they rarely it’s just as rewarding as the game that has come before it.

The meticulous quality of RE is always demonstrable in the first few segments. There’s nothing wrong there, but we implore RE 9 to take a more quality assurance route and carefully evaluate the entirety of the experience.

7 longer length

A typical RE title can be beaten in three hours. In fact, games often encourage this feat. However, RE 9 could buck this trend by vastly expanding the content.

RE 4 introduced a chapter system, which not only tightened up gameplay, but helped tell the story better. With RE looking to move on to even more bombastic ideas (Village literally introduced a virus that gave you superpowers), spending more time in its universe could see these ideas come to fruition even more, if the game itself is decent.

6 diversity of characters

The RE universe is constantly introducing new characters, most of whom are humans from all over the world. However, there has rarely been the opportunity to play a wide range of characters. Therefore, RE 9 should do more to consider representation, and the conclusion of RE: Village already sets the stage for this.

With the ending of Village hinting at BSAA involvement, Capcom should bring back Sheva Alomar of RE 5 fame, and might even make her the main playable character. Sheva was an excellent combatant alongside Chris Redfield, and since the story establishes her involvement, it makes a lot of sense for her to return.

5 bring ink ribbons

Ink ribbons were a staple in previous RE games and were essential for saving your progress on a typewriter. Village opted to ditch the ink ribbons but surprisingly brought back the typewriter, giving you unlimited savings opportunities.

RE 4 did this too, but allowing you to save infinitely with no consequences reduces the incentive to be cautious. It would be a welcome inclusion to have some sort of finite save item to further challenge you, especially if said item costs valuable inventory space.

4 limited inventory

Speaking of inventory, ditching the RE 4-inspired briefcase inventory in RE 9 would be a fantastic pick. Inventory management is an essential quality when it comes to survival horror and making us choose between potentially carrying health or ammo is common practice.

Exploring a destitute environment filled with terrifying bioweapons means little in terms of fear if you’re able to carry an arsenal of bullets and enough healing to sustain each attack.

3 Better narrative connectivity

RE has mastered a formula where each game feels like its own residential horror experience that ultimately ties into an overarching plot. However, it is the ties themselves that would benefit from a more meticulous approach in RE 9.

Instead of having a lore dump towards the end as seen in previous titles, if RE 9 could bake its mystery and narrative connectivity better into the experience, this would be a more sustainable story.

two More puzzles and improved puzzle difficulty

RE is no stranger when it comes to giving players puzzles to solve. It would be great if RE 9 implemented more puzzles and brain teasers. The Village puzzle offering was limited, and all of them were completely obvious.

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It would also be great if these puzzles were more on the deadly side of things. Time sensitive additions guaranteed to either think fast or get squashed like a sandwich.

1 Say “Resident Evil” when you press Start

Probably the simplest inclusion of RE 9 would be to employ a voice actor to boldly utter the title line when the player starts the game. He was a classic addition to any new RE game and has been sorely missed by fans since his release.

It’s simple but effective, signaling to fans and newcomers alike that this is, in fact, a Resident Evil game. One of the best voice acting titles has to be Resident Evil: Outbreak File 2, and yes, it says it all!

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