How to catch the zero point fish in Fortnite (and what it does)

How to catch the zero point fish in Fortnite (and what it does)
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How to catch the zero point fish in Fortnite (and what it does)

Catching and consuming Zero Point Fish in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 will grant players a unique temporary power-up that can be used for combat.

The Zero Point Fish is a Rare-Rarity type of Fish that can be caught and consumed in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 it was vaulted Chapter 2: Season 6 but has since been undone on July 21, 2022, during the release of the v21.30 update. This fish comes in five variations: Tiger Zero Fish, Leafy Zero Fish, Crimson Zero Fish, Skull Zero Fish, and Crystal Zero Fish. The Zero Tiger Fish has yellow scales with black stripes and is found in coastal areas of Fortnite. The Leafy Zero Fish features green and blue colors that resemble the globe; players can find this version of Fish in Forest areas.


Next up is the Crimson Zero Fish, which appears in mountain biomes and is characterized by its mango-colored scales dotted with blue dots. As its name implies, the Skull Zero Fish is a black fish with a white skeleton outlining its body. Finally, the Crystal Zero Fish is a pale shade of pink and purple, with shiny scales that resemble quartz. Fortnite fans can find this Fish variant anywhere on the Battle Royale map.

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 features a large number of fishing holes spread across the island map. Consequently, players can catch zero point fish in these fishing holes, but can also find rare fish in still water at lower spawn rates. Of course, where fans find a Zero Point Fish will depend on their landing spot in Fortnite and scan path. However, two recommended places to find Zero Point Fish would be Loot Lake north of Tilted Towers or the entrance to the archipelago east of Sanctuary.

Catch and use zero point fish in Fortnite

Catch and use zero point fish in Fortnite

After finding a desirable fishing spot in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3, players can catch zero point fish with professional fishing rod or harpoon gun. It may take several pulls before the rare crappie appears, but fans should catch one eventually. To use a zero point fish, players can equip the creature and consume it to restore 15 health. However, this is not the only effect that this Fish offers.

Eating a Zero Point Fish will grant its user a special ability identical to Zero Point Crystals. Chapter 2: Season 5. For several seconds, the player can dash forward in a single direction as if teleporting. This action can be performed by pressing the jump button twice. Aside from being cool with style, this ability can be beneficial for escaping the Storm, evading enemy fire, or repositioning yourself in a fight. Combatants can also store the Zero Point Fish and eat it before ambushing an opponent. Note that purple crystals will circle around the player character when the teleportation power is active. After the crystals dissipate, Zero Point Fish’s ability will no longer work.

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