Doom Slayer rumored to be a Fortnite skin in 2022

Doom Slayer rumored to be a Fortnite skin in 2022
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Doom Slayer rumored to be a Fortnite skin in 2022

The Doom Slayer is one of the most popular characters in gaming history and will most likely be released in Fortnite Battle Royale very soon. The collaboration was leaked a long time ago, but there were no updates about it, so many players believed that it was cancelled.

However, it turns out that Epic Games is still working on adding the popular character to Fortnite, and the collaboration is likely to happen very soon.

Goat character design goes to the Doom Slayer from the Doom series

Doom Slayer, also known as Doomguy and Doom Marine, is the protagonist of the Doom video game series. The first title in the franchise was released in 1993, making it one of the most popular gaming icons of all time.

Doom Slayer has been leaked by Epic Games

Doomguy has been included in various surveys sent out by Epic Games, but was also leaked by the company itself. The popular character was leaked in an Unreal Engine reveal video, which is what pretty much confirmed the collaboration.

Furthermore, the Family Guy collab was also leaked along with it.

Veteran Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR noted that some collaborations take a long time to be released in the game. This is the case for the Doom Slayer crossover as well.

Just because leaked collabs take a long time to make their way into the game doesn’t mean they’re cancelled. Since the UE Family Guy and Doom Slayer live stream is CONFIRMED, it’s not unusual for collaborations to take this long. It took them a whole year to get Dragon Ball into the game.

Doom’s protagonist was leaked a few months ago, but since he hasn’t been added to the game yet, players began to believe the leaks were fake. However, this is not the case.

Some collaborations take years to come out. According to leakers, the venture with Travis Scott took nearly two years to complete.

It’s important to note that several companies are involved in the Fortnite collaborations. It takes a lot of time to properly design the characters and get the rights to them, which is not always an easy task. Considering how popular Doom Slayer is, it’s possible that Epic had trouble getting the rights to it.

Expected release date of the next collaboration

At the moment, the exact release date of the Doom Slayer collaboration is unclear. However, popular Fortnite leakers believe the character will be out in 2022.

Epic Games is currently on summer break and will be back in the office around August 10. This is when the development team will probably fix some of the biggest issues in the game and get everything ready for Fortnite x. Dragon Ball collaboration.

Considering that the game developer has already prepared a lot of new Fortnite Battle Royale content, it is unlikely that the Doom Slayer collaboration will be released during Chapter 3 Season 3.

It’s crazy how Fortnite will make fun of Dragon Ball and Family Guy at the same time.

However, the next season starts in September 2022 and will most likely span Halloween and the Fortnitemares event.

Considering that Doom’s protagonist is quite scary and violent, he would be a perfect addition to the Halloween-themed season. Also, it wouldn’t be surprising if Epic Games includes it in the next Battle Pass.

The developer of Fortnite Battle Royale has many collaborations lined up with John Cena coming to the popular video game on Thursday, July 18.

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