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Call of Duty 2024 should aim to make the Zombies LTM more interesting

Call of Duty 2024 should aim to make the Zombies LTM more interesting
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Call of Duty 2024 should aim to make the Zombies LTM more interesting

Weather Obligations Zombies hit a rough patch with the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard and its first post-launch map, Terra Maledicta, there’s a bit of renewed interest in classic co-op. Call of Duty: Vanguard‘s Shi No Numa Reborn brought back the round-based style and it felt like classic Zombies again, and with one more Survival map to come. Vanguardthere is something else to look forward to.

Beyond this twist to VanguardThe mode version, Obligations Zombies fans can look forward to the next big game from Treyarch. Scheduled to release in 2024, fans are hoping to see some really exciting developments within the story and maps with a bit more personality than what’s on offer in cold war black ops Y Vanguard. Beyond that though, Treyarch should continue to experiment with some interesting side game modes.


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Treyarch’s experience with alternate modes could pay off

While Outbreak turned out to be a huge hit for Treyarch in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, was far from the only game mode the developer tested. Cranked was offered as an experience where players needed to constantly kill the undead, while Jingle Hells was a fun variant of Die Maschine with a Christmas theme. However, Treyarch has tried alternative modes before. cold war black opswith varying degrees of success.

While Turned was far from a fan-favorite mode in Black Ops 2Fans loved Grief, the PvPvE mode where players fought to survive the other team and did everything they could to get them to kill their opponents. Zombie Rush was a largely forgotten mode of black ops 4 Zombies, as players weren’t particularly drawn to the points-focused competitive offering. Even VanguardThe first two Zombies maps could be considered a unique mode thanks to their objective approach. Clearly, Treyarch has been trying to experiment with alternative playstyles for Zombies, and both successes and failures should affect future LTM attempts.

First of all, Treyarch should listen to community requests for game modes like Grief, bring them back in a limited capacity, and see the community’s response. If feedback is positive and engagement is high, the mode could be brought back permanently. This goes for the less popular modes as well, as Turned and Rush might be better received by the modern Zombies audience and a few changes. In the case of Turned, it can be fleshed out to be a much deeper mode with a bit more to do, while Rush could have some proper rewards and Easter eggs associated with it.

Treyarch should also consider bringing in some scraps Obligations Zombie game modes. TranZit’s run could be interesting to watch again, as players must traverse maps to earn points while avoiding the undead. It would be fun to see meat fully realized, with the interesting competitive mode sounding like a fun variant of Grief where players had to fight to hold onto a piece of meat that would attract hordes of zombies.

Beyond reviving some discarded content and bringing back old modes, Treyarch should also introduce some brand new concepts. Firebase Z’s assault rounds lay the groundwork for a tower defense LTM, while a scarier version of Prop Hunt that lets players control Mimics could be interesting. It could also be fun to see more Outbreak variants like the Survival LTM, which means there are plenty of options for innovation. While Treyarch has yet to deliver a game mode that can rival the original round-based style in terms of popularity, it must continue to innovate and experiment with Cod zombies LTM through post-launch seasons.

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