Video of Resident Evil Show reveals drastic changes in Wesker


Video of Resident Evil Show reveals drastic changes in Wesker

Netflix reveals new footage from the Resident Evil show that teases drastic changes in Albert Wesker from a murderous psychopath to a family man.

Although better known as an antagonist, the new demonic resident The images show a completely different Albert Wesker. The series marks the first live-action television adaptation of Capcom’s iconic survival horror video game franchise following the Milla Jovovich-directed films and last year’s reboot. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon Citywhich adapted the first two games in the franchise. demonic resident will revolve around Jade Wesker at two points in her life, the first of which sees her moving to New Raccoon City with her father Albert and her half-twin Billie and learning the former’s dark secrets with the Umbrella Corporation, while the second is set 14 years later, in which she struggles to survive in a post-apocalyptic world invaded by humans infected with the T-virus.


Ella Balinska leads the cast of demonic resident as Older Jade alongside Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker, Tamara Smart as Younger Jade, Adeline Rudolph as Older Billie, Siena Agudong as Younger Billie, Paola Nunez, Mpho Osei Tutu, and Turlough Convery. development in the demonic resident The show was first announced in early 2019 when Netflix acquired the rights to the project, with Supernatural Veterinarian Andrew Dabb was hired as showrunner the following year. What demonic resident gearing up for release, Netflix offers a new look at the series that teases a major twist on an iconic character.

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Just a few days before its premiere, Netflix has launched new demonic resident display footage. The video reveals drastic changes in Wesker, going from the psychopathic antagonist of the games to a family man as he protects his daughters from Umbrella. Take a look at the new images below:

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Although the new demonic resident The footage from the show may not offer much in the way of the actual story of the series, but it does point towards a different persona coming from Reddick’s Wesker. In addition to having daughters for the first time in the franchise, the video hints at Wesker abandoning his more psychopathic tendencies from the Capcom video games for a protective father figure mentality. That said, the new demonic resident Footage from the show hints that he still retains his reserved nature seen in the games, as he hides from his bosses that his daughters are at Umbrella and apparently covers up how a dog infected with the T-Virus was killed.

Fans of the franchise have been theorizing for a year how Wesker has come back to life for the demonic resident show, that is, as showrunner Andrew Dabb has confirmed that the series takes place within the larger timeline of video games. Those eager for an answer to Wesker’s revival and his apparent personality change may be excited as Dabb has also confirmed that these elements of the character will be explained in the series. the demonic resident The show is almost here when the series hits Netflix on July 14.

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