The Hardest Minecraft Advances

The Hardest Minecraft Advances
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The Hardest Minecraft Advances

Despite Minecraft itself has no set quests or directions that players need to follow, the Advancements found in particular in the Java Edition of the game give the player some general goals on what to do and how to interact with the game’s open world. Many of these advancements are really simple, from getting wood to mining stone, and shouldn’t present any major problems even for beginning players.

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However, there are other more difficult Advances in Minecraft that really test the limits of even the most experienced players. Many of them border on being downright ridiculous, and instead of furthering the game’s “narrative”, they’re more like challenges that players can attempt to complete along their journey. For finalists, the following Java Edition Previews from Minecraft they are by far some of the hardest to unlock.

10 serious dedication

To start with something extremely boring and quite simple is Serious Dedication. Players should fully use a Netherite Hoe until it has no durability and breaks. On paper, it sounds extremely easy, as it doesn’t involve the player risking their lives, other than getting their hands on said Netherite. They will have to craft a Diamond Hoe first and then upgrade it to Netherite, which are a waste of resources.

After that, players will need time. A lot of that. The Netherite Hoe has a durability of 2031, which means it can be used 2031 times before it breaks. Now, imagine tilling the soil so many times in the game. Needless to say, players will need some wrist support after a while given the intense and ridiculous nature of this trailer. Luckily, there’s a little trick: using a Netherite Hoe to hit a mob also counts as a single point of durability, so the next time players need a weapon while mining in caves, they can use their Netherite Hoe as well.

9 Return to Sender

When it comes to difficult advances that are relatively accessible to even the newest players, the Return to Sender advance is probably the best example. To unlock it, players will need to kill a Ghast with its own spitting fireball. This obviously requires players to have access to the Nether and find a Ghast, as well as a relatively safe spot in the Nether where they can dodge the Ghast’s attacks without falling into the lava.

When a Ghast spits out a fireball, players can hit the ball with a sword, which will deflect it into the Ghast’s face. It’s easier to do this if the Ghast is relatively close since these fireballs don’t follow targets. It’s also possible to use an arrow to shoot the fireball, which can be a bit more reliable as players won’t have to think about timing a sword slash correctly and potentially getting burned.

8 cover me in rubble

For a long time, the Diamond team was the best team in Minecraft. However, with the 1.16 Nether update, everything changed thanks to the introduction of Netherite. This new material can be smelted and crafted from ancient debris, which is generated exclusively in the molten depths of the Nether and is therefore extremely difficult and dangerous to mine. Not only that, players can only upgrade Diamond gear to Netherite, as crafting gear solely with Netherite is not an option.

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So, it goes without saying that it takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication to unlock this advancement, which will see the player wear a full set of Netherite armor. There are a few tricks when it comes to mining Netherite, like using beds to mine Netherrack quickly. Netherite bars will also require the player to have gold bars on hand, so be sure to spend some time mining gold nuggets in the Nether and gold ore in the Overworld as well.

7 beacon

Beacons are powerful end items that players can craft once they have defeated the Wither. This alone is quite complicated. To summon the Wither, players will need three Wither Skeleton Skulls, which can take a long time to find simply by killing Wither Skeletons. Having a Looting III sword will speed up progress considerably, but it will still be an RNG thing. After that, they will have to kill the Wither, which is also not a light boss.

Once players have crafted the beacon out of five glass blocks, the Nether Star, and three obsidian blocks, they will need to build a pyramid for it. The Beaconator advancement requires a fully leveled four-tier pyramid, which must be entirely crafted with blocks of iron, gold, diamonds, or emeralds. Yes, blocks. The time and effort required for this is considerable, but by the time players encounter the Wither, they should already have a sufficient stock of minerals available.

6 Two by two

At some point in the game, probably quite early, players will need to start breeding some of the animals they find in their world. Not only is this important for food, but it’s also part of one of the hardest Advances in the game to breed all the animals in. Minecraft. For reference, there are twenty-two mobs that players will need to first find and then breed with the correct foods to complete this monumental task.

While most mobs like sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, and horses will be fairly easy to find due to being abundant in the forest and plains biomes, other mobs will be much more difficult. Mushrooms, Ocelots, and Axolotls will probably be some of the hardest to find, with unique Mooshrooms exclusive to the Mushroom Island biome. Axolotls usually appear in pools of water in lush caves, while Ocelots are extremely rare and shy creatures found in jungle biomes.

5 a complete catalog

Speaking of animals, cats are the subject of another incredibly difficult Minecraft Advance called A Complete Catalogue. In this one, players will have to tame all the variants of cats found in Minecraft. There are currently eleven of them in the game, all characterized by a unique race name and appearance.

While the task itself won’t be particularly difficult, as the cats just need to be enticed and then tamed with raw cod or raw salmon as they sneak around, finding all of these eleven variants will be a headache. A lot of RNG is involved in the process, but the easiest way to do this is to simply try to find towns scattered around the world. These are the most common places for cats to spawn.

4 A balanced diet

Another thing that abounds in Minecraft it’s food. There are plenty of them, some great and some not-so-great sources of world hunger, and the purpose of this Breakthrough is to consume them all, even just once. And yes, that includes items that cause damage to the player, such as poisonous potatoes, rotten meat, and puffer fish, not to mention the raw version of each type of meat.

And if that wasn’t daunting enough, keep in mind that there are a total of 40 different foods in the game, some of which can be quite difficult for the player to come by, or at least require a bit of good luck. find. Enchanted Golden Apples, Bottled Honey, Chorus Fruit, Glow Berries, and Golden Carrots will be some of the more specialized foods that players might have a hard time finding.

3 adventure time

For players who thought things couldn’t get any worse with 40 food items to find, they definitely can. The Adventure Time trailer will require the player to visit 52 different biomes found in the Overworld of Minecraft. The only consolation here is that abyssal biomes are not included in this equation and have their own (much easier) progression to unlock. However, the introduction of cave biomes has complicated matters by requiring players to visit these underground biomes as well.

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While the vast majority of these biomes are fairly common and easy to find if players just go out to explore, there are a few that can be a real pain to discover. Namely, the deep and dark biome where the Guardian lurks, the mushroom fields that are unique to Mushroom Islands, the ice spike biomes, and occasionally the jungle and badlands biome variants can get annoyingly weird. and hard to find for some players depending on the seed.

two restless alliance

Ghosts are some of the most annoying dangers in Minecraft Nether, so it would only be appropriate for them to be included in the second hardest trailer in the game. This is unlocked when players transport a Ghast from the Nether to the Overworld and then kill it in the Overworld. The task at hand is monumental, requiring players to first build an abyssal portal large enough for the Ghast to enter, and then somehow guide the Ghast into the portal.

There are methods to this madness, though the easiest one has players access the Nether ceiling area through an Ender Pearl rift. Up there, players have more control over where they spawn, as the ceiling is made entirely of bedrock, which mobs cannot spawn on. Then it’s all about trapping the ghast in a boat or minecart when they finally appear, and sending them through the portal before the portal and the player explode.

1 how did we get here

Minecraft It features a ton of different status effects, some good and some bad. In total, there are twenty-seven of them, and applying them all at once in a short period of time may seem like an absolute impossibility. Videos of players using redstone machines to apply these effects more effectively at once have circulated on the Minecraft community, which has made unlocking this advance a bit easier.

Some of the weirder status effects, as well as the more difficult ones, that players will need to have at the same time are Darkness of the Guardian, Hero of the Village after a Raid, Levitation of a Shulker, Conduit Power of a Conduit, and Grace of dolphin of a dolphin swimming nearby. Lieinuxxseus showed his incredibly elaborate method on how to apply all of these status effects at once in update 1.19, so players interested in replicating his method should check out his detailed guide on how to unlock what is arguably the most difficult progression in the game on this moment.

Minecraft is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and many other platforms.

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