Minecraft should expand food with more foods like Suspicious Stew

Minecraft should expand food with more foods like Suspicious Stew
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Minecraft should expand food with more foods like Suspicious Stew

Minecraft Big and small mechanics change all the time. Mojang has made it a point to keep the game fresh in every way possible, whether it’s adding new biomes to the game’s horizons or rewriting the cave generation algorithm to make the game’s most basic environments feel new again. Minecraft Fans haven’t been told what’s next for the game yet, so it’s all on the table. While Mojang may be tempted to add more biomes or mobs to the game with the next update, he should consider taking a step back and looking at a Minecraft essential as food first.


For years, food has been a basic system of Minecraft which grows continuously. Every once in a while, an update will include a new food item in its feature list, like dried seaweed or sweet berries. However, Mojang hasn’t released a food-focused update in recent history, so a large-scale food patch could be an interesting direction for the studio. If Mojang decides to rework the food system, it should investigate MinecraftSuspicious stew of inspiration. Although Suspicious Stew offers some interesting utility for Minecraft, it only scratches the surface of what the kitchen could actually do in sandbox play.

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Imagining a Minecraft Kitchen Update

Right now, MinecraftThe food system of is quite simple. Players can throw a lot of food into a furnace to upgrade it, but ultimately most MinecraftPrepared food is simply a cooked version of something else, like baked potatoes and steak. Players can make a couple of more complicated foods, like rabbit stew and cake, but ultimately, Minecraft players generally prefer to pack a pile of cooked meat, rather than lug around multiple bowls of stew on their adventures. Meat definitely has an advantage as a food, as it provides Minecraft players with a lot of saturation, but eating cooked pork chops all the time can do MinecraftThe hunger mechanic is a bit boring.

That’s why Mojang needs to introduce more meals along the same lines as Fishy Stew. most of MinecraftFood only has one effect, but Suspicious Stew is special in that it will briefly apply one of MinecraftStatus effects for the player are based on the type of flower used to make the stew. While this seems useful, the effects are fleeting and players have to manually organize their stew by effect as the bowls look identical. Mojang had a good idea with Suspicious Stew, but it can improve on the concept by giving players more control over the boosts they get from food.

Mojang could use bowls as a base to allow players to mix ingredients together before putting them in an oven or smoker. Once the food is cooked, players can retrieve the bowl and stack a particular food on their Minecraft Inventory. Ideally, each meal would have unique temporary buffs along the same lines as Stewed Suspect to reward players for the extra effort of preparing a meal, rather than just eating meat. Taken together, these types of meals would encourage players to invest more resources in gathering ingredients and reward more strategic thinking around food, all without making potions or setting Minecraft outdated food.

Meals would not be the only content of a Minecraft food update. On the contrary, it could be a great excuse for Mojang to add a lot of new stuff. Minecraft types of blocks, whether they’re new plants like rice or utility blocks specifically for complex food. A food rework could also be part of a larger household update that introduces more villager types or adds new furniture to Minecraft. Whatever idea Mojang comes up with, it should leave room for food changes in the near future. MinecraftToday’s snacks can be simple and effective, but as the game’s many biome updates and block additions have shown, a little variety goes a long way.

Minecraft is available now on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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