How to complete all Rebuild The Block missions (and rewards)


How to complete all Rebuild The Block missions (and rewards)

The Rebuild The Block missions in Fortnite offer players exclusive cosmetics and a vote for community-created buildings for the official island map.

With the introduction of the new rebuild the block in-game Event, Fortnite‘s Tilted Towers is getting a community-created revamp, with a set of new challenges that ask players to donate their hard-earned gold bullion to fund the construction of new buildings. Rebuild The Block features three new multi-stage missions, with players receiving experience points and exclusive new cosmetic items for completing these new challenges. While new events are also running at the moment, including Fortnite new No Sweat Summer event, Players participating in Rebuild The Block now have the opportunity to contribute to the game by voting from a selection of new community-designed buildings to be built at Tilted Towers on official day. Fortnite island map.


As with most FortniteIn Rebuild The Block challenges and events, Rebuild The Block missions reward the player with experience points for their battle passes, as well as offering limited-time cosmetic items to encourage players to get really involved. Each of the three missions in Rebuild The Block features five stages, with players receiving cosmetic items for completing a certain number of stages. Over time, one of these challenges will change and ask players to donate gold bars to vote for a new restaurant (ends July 27).the), an apartment block (July 27the– August 3rddr), and a store (August 3dr – August 9the).

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Fortnite’s crossovers with other media franchises, including Star Wars, Wonderful, Y Indiana Jones have been very popular, but it’s great to see that the game’s developers are also embracing community-created content and incorporating it into the official game. Other than that, the XP and new cosmetics also make Rebuild The Block challenges worth completing.

All the challenges and rewards of Fortnite Rebuild The Block

Fortnite player standing by the Tilted Towers rebuild notice board

Rebuild The Block features three challenges that have five stages each, awarding the player 14,000XP each time. Thus, there is a total of 210,000XP up for grabs, allowing the player to level up their Fortnite Battle Pass twice. These three challenges ask the player to:

  • Donate 900 bars to vote for construction projects on The Block.
  • Survive (5/15/25/35/50) Storm Phases during Rebuild The Block.
  • Eliminate Players (5/15/30/50/80) Players during Rebuild The Block.

Unlike some of Fortnite more unusual challenges, the player will end up completing some of the Rebuild The Block mission stages just by playing the game. It’s worth noting that these challenges don’t stack; the count for each challenge resets to zero with each new stage. As such, the player will need to donate a total of 4,500 (900 x 5) gold bars to vote for construction projects. This can be done by traveling to Tilted Towers, finding the special construction notice board, and donating bars to vote for three community-designed buildings. The player can also collect cosmetics to complete the challenge stages:

  • Complete 3 stages of the Rebuild The Block mission: wake of sea-wheeeed
  • Complete 7 stages of the Rebuild The Block mission: lucky spear pickaxe
  • Complete 12 stages of the Rebuild The Block mission: Gold-Boris Back Bling

Tilted Towers is still a popular landing spot even though it’s still under construction, so players should make sure to grab weapons and gear like Fortnite new Port-A-Fort when they land. Players can always donate bullion for more than one building skin if they wish, and if they are short on gold bullion, they can always collect more by taking out nearby opponents. Thanks to EpicPlayers can also view all of the building design finalists online without having to risk getting caught up in a shootout at Tilted Towers.

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Fortnite is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and Android.

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