Guide to refer a friend (registration, dates and rewards)


Guide to refer a friend (registration, dates and rewards)

Epic released Fortnite Refer A Friend to encourage players to bring their friends into the fold. Here’s how to join and earn exclusive cosmetics.

it’s hard to imagine Fortnite player base growing even more, but with the release of the new game refer a friend program, experienced players will have plenty of incentive to bring their friends into the fold. Epic’s new Refer-a-Friend program is available now through January 10, 2023, with several unique cosmetics available to players who refer their friends and complete challenges with their new friend. What Fortnite enters its quieter mid-season with players doubling down on new challenges and earning as much XP as possible for FortniteThe latest Battle Pass, now is a great time for players to team up with some new friends to spice up their matches.


To join the Refer a Friend program, players must register with the dedicated program website, logging in with their Epic accounts to register as referrers. They can then invite new Fortnite friends clicking Add a friend on the website and looking up your friends’ account names. In particular, referrers are not limited to choosing friends who have just created accounts; some returning players are also eligible to become referees depending on their recent playing time in Fortnite. Both players can start completing challenges by playing matches together.

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There is no shortage of new event quests and rewards in Fortnite to tackle together, but there are a few caveats players should be aware of. Epic only counts any player with “less than two hours of a Fortnite Battle Royale or Zero Build playlist (ie solo, duos, trios, or squads) in the last 30 days” as eligible to be an arbitrator. On top of that, completing the second challenge with a referee also locks out the rest of the challenges. This means that progress is only tracked for that referee-referee pair until all challenges are completed. The submitter is then free to choose another eligible friend and retake the challenges.

All Challenges and Rewards in the Fortnite Refer a Friend Program

Fortnite Refer a Friend All Cosmetic Rewards

There are a total of five challenges that players can complete, and each one comes with a unique cosmetic that both players will receive. Very similar FortniteRecent weekly missions from, These five challenges range from simple missions that can be completed in a single match to more difficult missions that must be completed over the course of one or more seasons.

  • Create a connection by adding an arbitrator: Double extraction spray.
  • Play 1 game in Fortnite with the referee: Immortal Oasis Wrap.
  • Place Top 10 six times with the referee: Oasis Wind Back Bling
  • Eliminate 45 opponents with the referee: Oasis Wind Peak
  • Get 60 account levels and wait for the referee to get 60 account levels: Xander suit with 2 styles.

Unfortunately, each challenge must be completed before the next one unlocks. Adding a friend and playing a match doesn’t take much effort, while placing in the top 10 six times is pretty easy as long as both players choose FortniteThe best landing places. Landing in a quiet spot and waiting for the player count to drop might even be enough to break into the top 10. On the other hand, landing near other players early in the game and grabbing weapons to take out opponents who have the bad lucky to be close is a good way to quickly rack up 45 eliminations.

The biggest challenge is definitely getting both players to earn 60 account levels. A player’s account level is essentially the total number of levels he has earned playing Fortnite throughout all seasons. This does not reset between seasons, so players can continue to level up for the rest of the season. Chapter 3 Season 3, and in later seasons. However, since it takes 80,000 XP to level up, players will still have to play a lot of matches and complete a significant number of FortniteThe challenges and missions of this season, including the vibrating search line

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Fortnite is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and Android.

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