Arcadegeddon is a vibrant co-op shooter perfect for Fortnite fans

Arcadegeddon is a vibrant co-op shooter perfect for Fortnite fans
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Arcadegeddon is a vibrant co-op shooter perfect for Fortnite fans

Fortnite has held a pretty strong hold on the market when it comes to free multiplayer third person shooter games. But its dominance in the genre is not without merit, as the game has helped expose countless other franchises with crossovers and brought together a community of gamers who love healthy competition. That said, it’s not so bad to break the monotony every once in a while with something that’s different but similar enough to scratch the itch it leaves behind. Fortnite. A newly released game is a perfect example of this, titled arcadegeddon.

Posted by IllFonic, arcadegeddon is a multiplayer third-person shooter that’s available with July’s PlayStation Plus lineup. A unique blend of Fortnite, destiny 2 Y splatoon, arcadegeddon offers some interesting game mechanics that have helped it gain a loyal following on PC. Now that you’ve crossed the threshold to consoles, it’s important to know where this style of game sits in its genre. However, many gamers may find that even though it has inherent gameplay differences, it is a great substitute for Fortnite.

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arcadegeddon follows a man named Gilly who struggles to stop corporate overlords from taking over his arcade. To do this, he combined all the arcade games he owns into one massive title that allows gamers to connect and help defend against the corporate threats that come their way. In essence, the game becomes a David and Goliath story where players control fully customizable characters and take on countless bosses to save the last arcade.

Fortnite It has a story mode, but its main attraction is the multiplayer mode. arcadegeddon, on the other hand, offers a better balance which can be refreshing for new players. Players enter a hub world where they can choose missions and customize their look and gear before venturing into a random roguelike story mode. Players must face countless enemies and fight their way through the boss levels until they reach the final boss.

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Those who are not interested in the story mode can also try the many multiplayer modes that the game offers. These include team based games as well. Unlike Fortnitewhich is mainly focused on Battle Royale, arcadegeddon instead it has more variety in its game modes. Although it has some clear differences from Fortnite that have helped it stand out, it’s likely that their similarities are what keep players interested.

As for the differences, the game’s pacing is unlike anything seen in other third-person multiplayer shooters. Once players get the green light, they must race around the map to complete objectives, fight bosses, and eliminate countless enemies. But to make things more interesting, a lot of the maps, objectives, and chests are random. As a result, players never know what’s coming, even if the map looks familiar.

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The variety of weapons can also speak to the experienced. Fortnite fan. These new tools come with various uses and can cover large areas or be as deadly as a sniper rifle. Fortunately, the smoothness of each weapon is felt everywhere. In addition, navigation with the weapons, such as sliding and turning, is perfectly adapted to the rhythm. Although there is no Battle Royale to compete in, the game’s basic pacing and teamwork aspects make it a familiar yet totally original challenge to overcome.

No free-to-play title is likely to turn heads Fortnite off its pedestal anytime soon. That said, for those looking for more variety, arcadegeddon is the perfect choice for gamers who want to mix things up. It may not have the same mechanics as Fortnitebut their similarities will help usher players into a new style of play, bringing its pace and excitement to a whole new arena.

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