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10 Lessons The Resident Evil 4 Remake Should Learn From The RE2 And RE3 Remakes

10 Lessons The Resident Evil 4 Remake Should Learn From The RE2 And RE3 Remakes
Written by ga_dahmani
10 Lessons The Resident Evil 4 Remake Should Learn From The RE2 And RE3 Remakes

AAt this point, we can safely say that especially when it comes to remakes, Capcom knows what they’re doing. Time and time again, the Japanese giant has shown that it has a knack for revising and reinventing classics into modern masterpieces, and in March next year, with the Resident Evil 4 remake, we all hope that Capcom will do it one more time. That won’t be an easy task by any stretch of the imagination, though, given the pedigree of the series and the original. RE4 legendary reputation. The new version has monumentally high expectations to live up to, of that there is no doubt. Of course the next RE4 has many lessons to be learned from the past demonic resident remakes, both in terms of what it should and shouldn’t be doing, and here, that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about.


Capcom’s approach with its demonic resident remakes is to never stick to the script and make a game that does exactly what it did in its original form. That he Resident Evil 4 The remake is going to be very different from the original release, it’s kind of a given, but it will be interesting to see if that will be as true as it has been in the past. resident evil 2 Y 3, for example, they were over-the-shoulder third-person titles as opposed to the fixed cameras and tank controls employed in the originals, which inherently made the remakes feel significantly different. RE4 It’s not going to have that going for it early on, so it will be interesting to see if Capcom tries to make up for that in some other way.


If there is something that both resident evil 2 Y 3 we’ve been taught in different ways is that any new release has to be smart about what it chooses to change from its source material. resident Evil 2, for example, he largely got those changes right, but there were more than a few people who weren’t huge fans of how much was left on the cutting floor in Resident Evil 3 (or heck, even two, for that matter). This is why Capcom needs to be very careful about what the machete is taking. RE4. The original game is easily one of the longest mainline games in the series, which means there will be a lot of trimming and tweaking; we just hope that Capcom makes the right decisions about what it adds, removes, changes or shortens.

Tweak the story for the sake of consistency

Resident Evil 4

This too is almost guaranteed to happen. Even going back to Resident Evil 1 remake, Capcom has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it loves making narrative changes to games when it remakes them. Resident Evil 4 it’s almost definitely going to follow that trend. Fans of the series would love to see lore or story tweaks to see the game have stronger connections to the overall series, while certain characters could also benefit from having expanded roles (like Luis, for example) or portrayals. completely revised (like Salazar).


demonic resident has never been afraid of being more than a little corny and corny, and while that’s true even now, it’s not What true as it used to be. Beginning with resident Evil 7, the series took a new approach that was much grittier, darker, and more subdued (although things still get a little crazy from time to time). Resident Evil 4 it will likely be changed to suit that style, as it should be. The original was, at the time, probably the cheesiest game in the series (perhaps with the exception of Code – Veronica). He reveled in his B-movie charms and cheesy writing. The new version will probably drop that skin and look RE4 story from a much more solid perspective, which makes us quite excited.


Ada Wong was always a crucial part of Resident Evil 4, but after the original game’s initial release, Capcom also ended up adding a lot of new content focused on her to the experience with the “Separate Ways” campaign and “Assignment Ada” scenario. We hope that the content will be integrated into the base experience itself, rather than being separate experiences again. Or, at least, that is what we hope. the RE2 remake is the perfect and obvious model of how to do something like that, and we’d be very surprised if Resident Evil 4 remake takes no cues from that.


In their own way, resident evil 2 Y 3 reinforced the value of a good harassing enemy. Mr. X demonstrated that a well-designed and properly used stalker enemy can take a horror game to new heights, while Nemesis demonstrated how a misused one can ruin an experience. The original Resident Evil 4 Of course, it didn’t have any stalker enemies, but a great way to shake things up, offer something new and expected, and make the remake more horror-focused than the original, would be to add a new stalker enemy. For something like that, Dr. Salvador aka Chainsaw Man would be the perfect candidate. He would be a terrifying stalker foe, and the expanded role and screen time to come would be another bonus for fans of the original game.


Resident Evil 4

Both resident evil 2 Y 3 he also had a lot of good examples of how to review bosses. Mind you, I’m not talking about adding or removing boss fights, but reviewing the existing ones to improve them in one way or another. If that’s the excellent boss fight against Nemesis in RE3 or as RE2, shall we say, it made the encounter with the alligator so much better by simplifying it into a quick and dramatic scene moment. Resident Evil 4 you should make similar changes where they are needed as well. One boss fight that could use a major reimagining would be Jack Krauser. in the original RE4, the vast majority of that fight was QTE. Hopefully, we’ll see a remake of that encounter in the remake.


This, of course, is not just something that applies to demonic resident remakes, but to the series as a whole. RE games traditionally have always emphasized replay value, with difficulties, play grades, related unlocks, auxiliary modes, and whatnot. It’s a crucial component of any major new game in the series, and we don’t expect Resident Evil 4 to be different. The original Resident Evil 4 it was, of course, a hugely replayable game for many different reasons, and hopefully the remake will look good with some of those ideas. Which, by the way, brings us to the next point…


Resident Evil 4

this is where RE4 must look at Resident Evil 3 redo so that No to do. RE3 ended up removing the fan-favorite Mercenaries mode and replacing it with the much more disappointing Endurance, and it’s fair to say that most fans weren’t happy with that trade-off. Mercenaries’ arcade style makes it a much more replayable and popular mode, and Capcom needs to make sure the RE4 remake has its own offerings on that front. The mercenaries were a big part of the original. Residentevil 4, so seeing it removed from the new version would be a bit annoying.


There probably aren’t many genres where gore is as important as it is in a horror game. resident evil 2 had a spectacular gore system, and was praised for it, and seeing it so toned down and reduced in RE3 It was honestly quite disappointing. Resident Evil 4 Let’s hope the pendulum swings back. Just check out the next survival horror game The Callisto Protocol if you want to get an idea of ​​how much a solid gore system can contribute to that kind of experience.

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