Who is your first friend in Roblox?

Who is your first friend in Roblox?
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Who is your first friend in Roblox?

Data-miners have revealed new details about the previously unreleased Apex Legends character, Vantage, giving fans an idea of ​​the abilities they’ll bring to the game.

Every season, Apex Legends players are given a new Legend to master. Season 13 brought in Newcastle, with whom fans have already discovered some great tips and tricks.

Thanks to dataminers, the community often gets a glimpse of potential upcoming content, including a new Laser Sight attachment, the return of Armed and Dangerous, and details on a new Legend called Vantage.

Hound and bird in Apex Legends

Who is Vantage in Apex Legends?

According to data miners and Apex Legends specialist Thordan’s StrikeVantage could be the Season 14 Legend. Vantage was spotted in the massive Season 12 leaks that revealed Newcastle, so this Legend is likely to make its way into the game.

Aside from Newcastle, Vantage was the only other Legend to have a full 3D model in the leaks, which is why many believe Vantage will arrive in Season 14.

Vantage is listed as a “survival sniper” and could have ties to the Recon Legend Bloodhound. New Apex Legends characters often have some sort of connection to an existing Legend, such as Newcastle and Bangalore, Loba and Revenant, and Horizon and Ash.

Vantage’s outfit closely resembles Bloodhound’s, and the abilities match those of a Recon character, sharing another similarity with Bloodhound, so perhaps there’s a connection there.

On July 23, the notable Apex Legends leaker account ‘alphaINTEL’ revealed a new image of Vantage, claiming that this new Legend appears in an episode of Stories from the Outlands.

According to this new leak, Vantage will join the Apex Legends roster when Season 14: Hunted arrives on August 9, 2022. However, since this is just a leak, it’s not an official confirmation of his arrival.

Apex Legends Vantage Leaked Skills

According to the leaks, Vantage is said to be a Recon Legend whose abilities are based on Snipers and track the location of the enemy.

Here are all of Vantage’s abilities thanks to the leaked game:

  • Passive: Sniper Kit – Tactical information available in unarmed ADS or any long range scope (legend name, shield rarity, team size and range).
  • Tactic: Echo Throw – Launch towards your winged companion, Echo. Command Echo by tapping Q. Start Echo by holding Q.
  • Ultimate: Mark to Kill – A custom rifle that scans enemies and increases damage for Vantage and his squad. Damage is doubled for Vantage on successive shots. The team gets a 15% bonus on marked objectives.

As you can see, Vantage is a Hunter/Recon type character that focuses on long range weaponry. This is definitely the character for those who love to use Snipers and Marksman Rifles in Apex Legends, as his gear suits that kind of playstyle.

On July 21, Apex Legends developers tweeted out a sneak peek consisting of six journal entries that were apparently written by a child. The diary pages also featured some caricatures and sketches.

The last entry shows a detailed sketch of a sniper rifle, so it’s possible the journal belongs to Legend Vantage. This could be our first official look at the Season 14 character, but we’ll have to wait for the developers to confirm if he is actually Vantage.

Remember, these are just leaks and there is currently no official information on Vantage and the character’s abilities. While the character may arrive in the future, the abilities could look completely different, so keep that in mind.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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