The case of the pirates in Minecraft


The case of the pirates in Minecraft

There are many unique and attractive qualities of Minecraft that appeal to a wide player base, from first-time players to long-time fans, from their early simplicity and quiet to their hidden complexity and inferred lore. Although many Minecraft spin-offs keep coming out of Minecraft: Dungeons to your next Minecraft: Legendsit is the original Minecraft which is still the best-selling game of all time. A big reason this game remains a mainstay in most players’ repertoire of favorite games is the ever-expanding range of biomes, creatures, resources, and more.


An addition to Minecraft expansive list that is long overdue is pirates. They make perfect sense when you consider certain elements of Minecraft that point into existence, like buried treasure, and implementing pirates into the game would actually be pretty straightforward given so much of the content already available. Beyond this, pirates would add versatility and variety to certain biomes and encourage players to more openly explore the overworld.

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How could pirates work?

To some extent, pirates should have always been a part of Minecraft. The simple fact that there are frequent shipwrecks to loot and maps for buried treasure indicates that someone was sailing the seas, so the introduction of pirates may help explain the abundance of shipwrecks, with opposing pirates sinking each other. Mojang could treat pirates like raiders, making them permanently hostile. Alternatively, they could be inspired by Piglins, being neutral mobs that attack players who open chests or meet other special conditions.

The structures generated for the pirates would likely include fully formed pirate ships, loosely inspired by established shipwrecks., and would spawn in Minecraft ocean and beach biomes, perhaps more often the farther from land the player is. Although these ships are not likely to move, Mojang could use chains and an anvil to make stationary ships appear anchored. After all, it wouldn’t be the first case where certain blocks or elements have been cleverly used to achieve a certain look.

Also, a significant number of items and mobs could be associated with pirates. Since parrots already exist and are frequently associated with pirates, seagulls could be the next addition to mobs in the ocean and beach biomes and could help point players towards land or ships. In addition to this, Minecraft Items like spyglasses and chests fit the pirate aesthetic, but more items could be added to expand the concept. Cannons and cannonballs, for example, would be useful to both hostile pirates and players.

Will minecraft add pirates?

If the players are desperate to have pirates in Minecraft, so there are actually mods available to accomplish just that, but pirates are currently not known as planned additions to the base game. However, this is not to say that Mojang won’t consider adding them. New content is always added to Minecraft, and sometimes fans can influence Mojang’s plans, like in Minecraft mob votes.

Concepts that were initially mods are now officially part of Minecraft, which means that if there was enough interest in pirates, it could motivate Mojang to seriously consider adding them. An example of this comes from the parrots themselves, which first appeared as a mod before being implemented into the main game. If parrots can be added, pirates can also be added. The only real obstacles to pirates being added would be the amount of effort Mojang is willing to put into getting pirates into the game and whether pirates are a more worthwhile addition to the game than other future features.

Minecraft is available now for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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