How to build an automatic pumpkin and melon farm


How to build an automatic pumpkin and melon farm

one of the most tedious things in minecraft need farm crops manually. Not only does it take time that could be spent working on other things, but not harvesting crops as soon as they grow is incredibly inefficient. Fortunately, with the help of observersit’s possible fully automate many different types of farmsand one of the simplest designs is for pumpkins Y melons.

Pumpkins can be used to create Pumpkin cakeas much as jack o’lanternswhile melons can be eaten directly or used to make glittery melons for making potions. These two items are grown in exactly the same way and are unique in that they do not need to be replanted after each harvest, making them easy automation. This design for an automatic pumpkin and melon farm will automatically collect and store all the drops, relieving all the stress of farming.


How to build an automatic pumpkin and melon farm in Minecraft

This design for an automatic pumpkin and melon farm is infinitely tileable. This means that it is only a block wideY Many you can build from them Side to sideso no matter what speed players are looking to produce melons and pumpkins, this layout will work for them.

For each pumpkin or melon stalk, players will need all of the following resources:

  • two blocks of land
  • A pumpkin/melon seed
  • two observers
  • A sticky piston
  • a piston
  • Three opaque building blocks
  • Two minecart rails
  • Water

After the farm is built to include as many pumpkins and melons as the players want, they will also need to get a single hopper mining cartas well as some powered rails, leversa hopperand a chest to deposit pumpkins and melons. The number of rails and motorized levers will depend on the size of the farm. Players will also need a hoe to till the land.

To begin, players must decide where they want their crops to be. Note that the chest where the drops are deposited will be two blocks down the height of the stems. start by placing two blocks of land next to a water source, and then till the land that is furthest from the water. Plant the seed, then place a observer on the water that gives the stem. Players will need to wait until the stem is fully grown before it begins to produce, but they can speed up the process with bone-meal. Players can also choose to enclose the water, but it is not necessary.

Players must then place a sticky piston looking up behind the spotter, with a spotter two blocks above that. The observer must have his back to the crop, so that he goes out towards it. Place a solid block above the first observer, and a regular piston looking down above where the pumpkin or melon will grow.

this is actually all that is necessary for the automatic harvester system. When one grows, the lower observer will detect it, activating the sticky piston to reach out and pull the observer down. That observer will detect a change in the air block next to him, going out through the solid block towards the normal piston, which will push the pumpkin or melon. Neither of these blocks can be pushed by pistons and will instead break apart.

Players should now place tiles on this layout. as many times as you choose to suit the size of your farm. You can choose to use all the pumpkin seeds, or all the melon seeds, or a fair mix of both. It is also not necessary to include a new water source for each new block of land, but it is requires there to be water within four blocks of each piece of cultivated land.

With the combines ready, now is the time for the item pickup mechanism. Players can make use of some really nifty mechanics that involve mining hopper cars for this. Hopper mine carts are capable of picking up items through blocks that lead below. This means that players can build a rail loop directly under the dirt blocks, and a hopper mining cart Will drive in circles, picking up items that are above the ground. Adding a hopper somewhere in the circuit will drop items there and deposit them in a chest.

Players must make their rail loop extend one block to the left or right of the land area, so that there is room for players to place the cart and push it. Players must also secure what is there enough motorized rails to keep the car running indefinitely. One is enough for an eight wide farm like this, but more should be added for larger farms.

Once all that is done, the players just need to place the minecart and get it going, and your farm is up and running. All pumpkins and melons will be harvested instantly, with its drops settling on the chest just seconds later. Players may also want to enclose the dirt to prevent any foreign items from flying out of the dirt area when harvested, but this is optional.