Minecraft: How to Farm Emeralds

Minecraft: How to Farm Emeralds
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Minecraft: How to Farm Emeralds

Through the years, Minecraft has developed an interesting economic system that consists of trading Emeralds and other in-game resources with the villagers and the Wandering Trader. The Piglins in the Nether, while also involved in trade, are outside this system due to only accepting gold rather than emeralds as trade items.

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And so, emeralds are the reference currency in Minecraft. According to that idea, emeralds are difficult to find and obtain, to ensure that this fragile economy does not fall apart. There are still ways that players can “farm” emeralds, though only one of these methods and places where they can be found is actually consistently farmable. Here’s how to get rich quick with Emeralds at Minecraft.


Method #3: Loot Buried Treasure Chests

Statistically speaking, buried treasure chests will contain the most emeralds. The exact number varies between 4 and 8 emeralds, and the chance of a buried treasure chest containing any emeralds is well over 50%, making them an almost guaranteed place to loot. To find buried treasure, players must dive into underwater shipwrecks, loot their chests, and find a treasure map detailing the location of one of these chests.

There are other places where emeralds can be found as loot, but they won’t be as reliable as these treasure chests. Desert temples, village chests, underwater ruins, jungle temples, igloos, and cities of the end may also contain emeralds, but they may be rare to find.

Method #2: Mining in the mountains

Emeralds will naturally spawn in mountain biomes, both exposed outside and inside caves. Players can most commonly find them at elevation Y=236, which is quite high. This is due to the new cave and cliff world generation changes that make the mountains much higher.

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When you mine for emeralds, make sure you have a pickaxe with the Fortune III enchantment. What this will do is allow the player to receive more emeralds from the ore when it is mined. Players must also use at least an iron pickaxe before attempting to mine an emerald ore, otherwise they risk destroying it forever.

Best method: trade with villagers

The best source of emeralds, for now, is any town and its inhabitants. This makes sense as these are the central access points for trading as well. In order to get the Emeralds, players will need to trade a lot with the local villagers, but luckily there are quite a few advantageous trades they can make.

The most common and easiest Emerald trade is with the Gunsmith, Blacksmith, and Gunsmith. The three villagers will agree to exchange 15 Coal for 1 Emerald. Since Coal is extremely common in Minecraftthis is one of the strongest operations available.

If players end up in a village with these three villagers, they can complete this trade 16 times for each of them, totaling at least 48 emeralds per day. The hidden variable is whether or not these villagers will restock during the day. They can be resupplied up to twice, after which their trades are refreshed and become available again. Make sure you regularly check in with the villagers and that they have safe and unobstructed access to their respective job blocks so they can update their inventories.

Minecraft is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and many other platforms.

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