I’m in my Fortnite era in 2022, thanks to No Build and Quests

I’m in my Fortnite era in 2022, thanks to No Build and Quests
Written by ga_dahmani
I’m in my Fortnite era in 2022, thanks to No Build and Quests

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When Fortnite‘s The most recent season released recently, I did what I have done many times before: I installed the game again, saw the new cutscene, paused a few matches and stopped. But a day later, something unusual happened: I came back and played some more. And then even more, and more again. And now I’m a complete Fortnite Type; all it took was the removal of the building and Indiana Jones. Let me explain.

I have dabbled with FortniteOnline PvP since 2017 when Fortnite launched its now popular Battle Royale mode. He would often see people talking about a new season or chapter, get excited and reload the game. And then the frustration of losing a few games and feeling like I wasn’t making progress would set in and rebound until a new season started and the whole cycle repeated itself. (Throughout it all, he would continue to spend hours and hours on the game’s original Save The World co-op mode.) So this recent summer update was the latest to catch my eye and entice me to try out Epic’s online shooter one more time.

Upon loading, I found a new series of quests related to unlocking Indiana Jones as an in-game skin. I love the jones movies and also enjoyed the strange prospect of playing as him in Fortnite, so I looked at the missions and decided that instead of trying to win, I would try to unlock Dr. Jones. Even if I quit again after a few matches, I would at least have this. weird piece of pop culture in my cosmetic library that I might pull out the next time a new season brings me back.

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I know, quests and cosmetics are nothing new here. But before this, she had always tried Fortnite as a competitive shooter. It was a game that I needed to win, and not winning was a waste of time in my opinion. Suddenly with a few quests and a fun bounty to work towards, I found myself jumping in and having a good time. Sometimes I would finish one or two missions and then focus on winning. Other times, I barely completed a mission before Harley Quinn attacked me. “Whatever, I’m done with my quest,” I thought to myself, and then loaded another game to do more.

Another big reason for my enjoyment was the relatively new Zero Build mode, which removes all the tedious and boring construction and resource gathering, leaving only the action. I understand that some people love the construction aspect, claiming that it gives battle royale a different feel compared to other shooters. And I completely agree, it certainly does. But I still hate having to break down walls and trees to build forts against people who are clearly more experienced at all of that and can build literal houses around me in seconds. For me, Zero Build offers a version of Fortnite where his goofy but precise combat takes center stage over breaking fences to make walls.

Perhaps the most surprising development of my new and relaxed Fortnite mentally it is that I have also ended up winning more times. And when I don’t win, at least I get into the top 10 more often. I think it’s because the challenges and quests have lowered the stakes somewhat; many of them can be completed in multiple matches, so I no longer feel as much pressure every time I play. And that more relaxed attitude seems to translate into more wins.

The blessed lack of build combined with my new understanding that I don’t have to win matches to have fun has resulted in me spending the last couple of weeks playing too much. Fortnite. It has quickly become one of my favorite games to load up for an hour before bed or on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I’ve even started thinking about buying a crew membership. I have really become a Fortnite boy, and honestly, i’m fine with that. I realized that Fortnitebeyond the memes and backlash, it’s actually a very well done game that is always changing and growing. It’s always exciting to load it every day to see what new quests or news awaits me.

So yeah I’m on Fortnite now. And it only took me five years. Better late than never, I guess.

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