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Causes, how to fix it and more

Causes, how to fix it and more
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Causes, how to fix it and more

Call of Duty Warzone has gone downhill from a technical perspective. There have been issues related to frame drops, unusual stutters, and system instability when running the game on certain computer specifications, according to franchise PC port developers Beenox.

🚨 We have observed that gamers using an overclocked GPU have up to 20% more stability issues compared to the general population of gamers. If you are experiencing stability issues with the game, please return your hardware to factory settings.

To address this issue, Beenox submitted a reason for this quality of life as part of the technical area. In short, the issue causing all these instability issues is related to the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) settings, which can be easily fixed. However, the developers did not mention any underlying issues directly or indirectly related to this problem.

What causes increased stability issues in Warzone?

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On July 19, Beenox tweeted from his official account, addressing this issue and explaining the reason for this glitch. According to the tweet, an overclocked GPU can have up to 20% more stability issues than non-Overclocked GPU players.

In the tweet above, Beenox stated:

“If you are experiencing stability issues with the game, please return your hardware to factory settings.”

This gives a general idea of ​​the problem. System instability caused by an overclocked graphics card can cause any game to malfunction, not just Call of Duty Warzone.

A tech enthusiast in the comments section of this tweet reached out to the audience and developers with a decent solution regarding this. The thread explained in depth how some GPUs come with increased clock speed, leading to such issues in many other games. This is usually done due to the marketing of GPUs.

@BeenoxCODPC I’ve created a whole thread on a deeper approach – some GPUs come with generally higher boost clocks and many people have these issues in…

Fortunately, this issue can be fixed according to the developers, as mentioned in their tweet. There are also some pretty well explained solutions regarding OC problems on the internet that can fix such problems.

How to fix system instability issue in Warzone?

As the developers have discovered, the problem is mainly caused by the increase in the clock frequency in the GPU. To fix this issue, players should first look for issues in other games they are playing to understand if it is the fault of their system or something very particular with Warzone.

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There are many ways to analyze the problem, such as running other games that require GPUs and observing the performance drop. Once the problem starts to show, they can use the solution provided by the developers.

Underclock the GPU if the previously overclocked user is one of them, doing this will make the system significantly more stable and reduce the chances of getting unnecessary BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) errors.

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But first of all, gamers should also consider that some GPUs already come with the “OC” label from the market. This means that the factory itself increases its performance compared to stock GPUs. Users can buy a standard GPU and overclock it, but again, it increases the chances of damaging the hardware.

OC Edition GPUs come with a safe and stable preset. In that case, of course, it is not recommended to overclock it further, but to check whether users still have stuttering and stability issues in the game, if any, it is recommended to underclock or undervolt it.

Lastly, it is still recommended that gamers always make sure they have decent cooling on their system and run the recommended system specs to run games like Warzone as there are a lot of pretty demanding games out there. Developers always try to fix problems like these from time to time.

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