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Call of Duty Zombies’ Verruckt map deserves a reinvention

Call of Duty Zombies’ Verruckt map deserves a reinvention
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Call of Duty Zombies’ Verruckt map deserves a reinvention

With call of duty world at war and the first appearance of Obligations zombies, fans got to see how the mode was constantly improving and forging its own identity with each new map that was released. After Nacht Der Untoten established the basics, Verruckt brought the introduction of perks and traps. Shi No Numa introduced a new Wonder Weapon in the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and the concept of a moving Mystery Box, while Der Riese is where the story kicked off.


Whether players prefer the grenade corner in Nacht, the walkway in Der Riese, or the trains in Shi No Numa, every map has its fans, but Verruckt always stands out as the least popular. This is evident in the fact that, although it has been remastered in covert operations Y black ops 3has not received a reinvention like the other World at war locations. In Treyarch’s next game, that should change, as Verruckt deserves just as much love as the other maps that helped. Obligations Zombies grow.

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How Call of Duty Zombies Other World at War Maps Have Been Treated

Perhaps the most obvious example of a classic map getting a lot of love is Nacht Der Untoten. While this is understandable given that this is where Zombies began, making it a special place for Treyarch and fans, players have seen Nacht everywhere. Along with full remasters on covert operations Y black ops 3, Nacht was seen in TranZit, Revelations, Die Maschine and Forsaken. It’s not the only map to get some extra love, though.

With the release of black ops 3, Treyarch added The Giant, a proper remake of Der Riese with new Easter Eggs to complete, a major visual redesign, and a new batch of hidden radios. Other World at war The map has recently been reinvented within Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies too, with Shi No Numa Reborn adding a new area and some new Easter eggs to fill in. This leaves Verruckt an odd map, as it’s the only location that hasn’t been given a significant reimagining.

As to why this happened, it probably has to do with the fact that Verruckt is the hardest World at war Zombie map with a difference. Players don’t have easy train spots like Shi No Numa or overpowered camp spots like Nacht Der Untoten’s grenade corner to fall back on, and the unique map gimmick of players splitting up at the start of the match only adds to the challenge. However, a reimagining could make things a bit easier by expanding the map, making it more interesting in the process.

How Verruckt could be improved through a reinvention

The best a full Verruckt Reborn map could accomplish is to open up the area around the source. This would instantly add a training spot in the center of the Asylum, and if Treyarch really wanted to get ambitious, it could allow players to explore the forest outside the main building. This would provide more space for Easter Eggs, giving players much more to do in Verruckt than just survive.

Perhaps a Pack-a-Punch machine could be placed somewhere in the woods, and players would have to wade through hordes of the undead to reach it. Once there, a teleporter could be activated, and players would break the fountain in the center of Verruckt to activate a teleport point like in Buried. Additionally, radios could be scattered throughout the new Verruckt that provide some much-needed insight into Dempsey’s fellow Marines like John Banana. While Verruckt may not be the most important map in terms of lore, as Treyarch was still finding the footing from him when it came to the story of Obligations zombiesit played a key role in the evolution of the mode and deserves to be appreciated just as much as maps like Shi No Numa and Nacht Der Untoten.

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