Top 5 Charms to Avoid

Top 5 Charms to Avoid
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Top 5 Charms to Avoid

Enchantments are typically some of the most powerful things Minecraft players have access to. Enchantments like repair allow players to keep their items and armor forever, and fortune allows for collecting

Most enchantments that aren’t discussed are disappointing, but there are some legitimately bad enchantments. This doesn’t help the player much. Some of them can even make the game difficult. This article dives into some notable ones.

These Minecraft Enchantments Are A Total Fail

5) recoil

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Knockback is a rare enchantment on this list. Unlike others, it is not irrelevant or necessarily negative for the players. Instead, it’s more of an annoying enchantment.

As its name implies, the Knockback enchantment drastically increases the distance mobs fly after the player hits them with a sword. For mobs like vines, this can help keep players safe.

But for other mobs or individual mobs, Knockback can slow down how quickly players can take them out, turning an otherwise quick and painless fight into more of an annoyance than anything else.

4) Specialized protections

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The three specialized protection enchantments in Minecraft share a single spot on this list for one particular reason: they all share the same main problem, which is that they are specialized enchantments incompatible with the generalized protection enchantment and with each other.

This means that if the player has protection against explosions, for example, they will take less damage from vines or TNT, but have no protection against anything else. Pervasive Protection will grant a bonus to all damage, even if it’s slightly less than a bonus.

These enchantments are not bad by any means, they are irrelevant and players should avoid putting them on their armor over the general protection enchantment.

3) spines

Placing spikes three on a Netherite chest piece (Image via Minecraft)
Placing spikes three on a Netherite chest piece (Image via Minecraft)

Thorns, on paper, seems like a good enchantment. Whenever a hostile mob hits a melee player as a zombie or ranged player as a skeleton, they will take damage in return. However, there are some issues with Thorns as an enchantment.

The main problem with the enchantment is that the damage returned is not guaranteed. Instead, there is a percentage chance based on enchantment level, calculated independently for any armor piece with the enchantment. This chance is 15% higher than level, for a maximum chance of 45% per armor piece.

The biggest drawback is how spikes can negatively affect a player’s ability to lead hostile mobs. Zombie villagers can rarely spawn and are great for players to heal and trade for cheap items, but the spikes could kill the zombie villager when players try to bring them into an area to prevent them from healing.

2) Curse of Bindings

Curse of binding to a pumpkin, causing the player's vision to be reduced to death (Image via Minecraft)
Curse of binding to a pumpkin, causing the player’s vision to be reduced to death (Image via Minecraft)

Curse of Binding is one of two curses in the game, meaning they are enchantments that carry a negative instead of a positive.

In the case of Curse of Binding, it can be put on an armor piece and then, if the armor is equipped, it cannot be removed. Instead, players will keep the armor in their armor slot until the piece’s durability runs out and the piece breaks.

This curse cannot be removed from a piece of armor either, even through methods such as whetstone, making it an unfortunate permanent addition to a piece of armor.

1) Curse of Disappearance

Placing a disappearing tool cure in a shulker box to protect it (Image via Minecraft)
Placing a disappearing tool cure in a shulker box to protect it (Image via Minecraft)

The Curse of Vanishing is the worst enchantment and curse in Minecraft. The vast majority of players don’t play hard, which means death is a common potential. When Minecraft players die, all of their inventory items will drop to the ground, allowing them to go and collect their stuff before it disappears.

But Curse of Vanishing will make any armor pieces or items that would normally drop instantly disappear, meaning players won’t be able to retrieve any items with the curse.

Like the Curse of Binding, this curse cannot be removed by any legitimate means of survival. This makes death much more painful than it normally would be and should be avoided at all costs.

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