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The 10 Smartest Characters, Ranked

The 10 Smartest Characters, Ranked
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The 10 Smartest Characters, Ranked

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Netflix show Resident Evil.

It takes brains and skills to survive in the horrific apocalyptic world depicted on Netflix. demonic resident. With the earth taken over by Zeroes as zombies, only the smartest characters manage to avoid being infected by the T-Virus; some even manage to take advantage of the dire situation.

From the brilliant Wesker sisters, Billie and Jade, to the villainous Evelyn Marcus, the series’ smartest characters use what they know to achieve their goals (which aren’t always for the greater good). They can be cunning and manipulative, using the weaknesses of others to get ahead in the ruthless dystopian future.


10 bea

Jade hugs Bea in the field in Resident Evil

Bea is Jade’s sweet and endearing daughter who is introduced in person towards the end of the series. Until her first appearance on the ship, what is known about her personality and activities is only seen through a screen or a phone.

Based on how she is able to hold conversations about Shakespeare and play classical music on the piano, it is clear that Bea is a gifted child. Her advanced abilities are eerily similar to how Jade could quickly pick up new talents just by watching, suggesting that Bea was created rather than conceived, much like the Wesker sisters. All that said, she is still just a child and lacks the intelligence to survive in the post-apocalyptic world.

9 arjun batra

Arjun Batra lying on a bed in Netflix's Resident Evil.

Arjun is Jade’s overly patient and supportive husband, who spends much of his time looking after Bea while Jade is out in the field or working in her lab. He is a good father and loving husband; he often knows exactly what to say to help Jade and make her feel less bad about not being around her daughter.

Aside from an illuminating conversation with his daughter where he explains Jade’s work through a Shakespearean metaphor, the series doesn’t really delve too deeply into Arjun’s personal story arc. He could be an intelligent character, but there isn’t much that stands out about him that can prove that.

8 richard baxter

Richard Baxter walking down the stairs with a soldier behind him in Resident Evil.

Despite initially being an irritating and unpleasant character, Baxter grows into a likeable villain with surprisingly impressive fighting ability. Before his epic action sequence in the Brotherhood’s lair, he demonstrates that he can easily locate Jade no matter where she goes, but it’s worth noting that he has the Umbrella resources that allow him to do so.

Baxter’s motive for working with Umbrella stems from sheer selfishness and his preference for a comfortable life with his two dogs. He doesn’t get many chances to prove that he’s smart, but at least he survives longer than most of his guards.

7 blond angel

Blonde Angel in Netflix's Resident Evil.

Ángel’s brief but memorable role as a journalist in demonic resident it serves as an important reminder of how far Umbrella will go to safeguard its company secrets. Without him, Jade would probably never have understood exactly what she was going through with her twin sister Billie after the dog incident.

The investigative reporter is smart enough to know that irrefutable evidence is needed to successfully accuse Umbrella of releasing the T-Virus. However, he definitely lacks subtlety and strategy when it comes to executing his plan, as, as it was Unsurprisingly, crashing a teen party and announcing that he’s looking for Jade draws the company’s attention.

6 simon marcus

Simon Marcus and Jade Wesker in Resident Evil

Simon is initially introduced as a tech student known for his talent for hacking anime. However, his friendship with Jade and Billie soon inspires him to take greater risks and, before he knows it, he is circumventing Umbrella’s security system in many dangerous ways.

He’s certainly smart in that regard, as despite being a teenager, he’s able to help the Wesker sisters find out more about the company’s shady practices and even assists them during their escape. It’s a shame there isn’t an adult version of him, as Evelyn chooses to execute her own son rather than accept Albert’s offer to find a cure for him.

5 Albert “Bert” Wesker

Bert Wesker in a lab coat in Netflix's Resident Evil.

One of the three clones of the original Albert Wesker, Bert is the funniest and perhaps the dumbest of them. He has a laid-back attitude that he tries to apply to all aspects of his life, which might explain why he didn’t care that Evelyn locked him away for years.

He may be naive, but he has good instincts and possibly a talent for scientific exploration. He immediately knows that he has to protect Jade and Billie and assumes the role of his uncle; Albert even entrusts his lives to her at the end. A revealing scene between Bert and Evelyn also underscores how she trusts him enough to commission him to study the Tyrant.

4 evelynmarcus

Paola Núñez as Evelyn Marcus in Resident Evil

The great villain of season 1 is Evelyn Marcus. As the CEO of Umbrella, she is determined to do better than her father, no matter the cost to her. She knows a valuable drug when she sees it, which is why she is so insistent on freeing Joy despite the dangers to her.

Quickly identifying threats to her reputation and the company as a whole, Evelyn decides to kidnap Angel, manipulate Bert, and kill her own son, Simon. She is often blinded by her ambitions, which could be the weak point that Billie used to finally control her. That said, there is no denying that she is a cunning and formidable villain.

3 Billie Wesker

Billie from Netflix's Resident Evil with guards.

Several of the burning questions from fans about demonic resident they revolve around Billie and what exactly happened between the events in New Raccoon City and the dystopian future in which she has become the antagonist. As a teenager, it is easy to see that Billie is not ordinary. She accompanies Jade every step of the way until they discover the truth about her identity and her father’s secrets.

As an adult, a shocking twist reveals that Billie has somehow managed to lead Umbrella by literally controlling Evelyn. This happens after she successfully manipulates her sister into revealing the location of the University. She is strategic and ruthless, traits that not only prove that she is smart, but also highlight how terrifying she can be.

two Jade Wesker

Jade is the badass female lead in demonic resident, since most of the story is told from his perspective. He’s not exactly a nice character, but he’s certainly smart. When he is a teenager, he discovers Angel’s research that explains Billie’s symptoms. She is also the most insistent twin when it comes to risking her lives to learn the truth about the company and her identities.

Growing up, Jade somehow became Umbrella’s most wanted survivor, which is probably no easy feat. She is also a scientist and spends much of her time researching the virus and its mutations, eventually managing to invent a serum that makes humans invisible to the Zeros. She makes some ridiculous mistakes, like when she risks bringing a Zero onto the ship, she nearly murders her daughter and gets her colleague killed.

1 Albert “Al” Wesker

Resident Evil Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker

Without a doubt, Albert is the most intelligent character in the series so far. He is an indispensable member of Umbrella and without him, Joy wouldn’t even exist. He also seems to be the only one who is painfully aware of the potential dangers of her.

He is also somewhat manipulative and strategic, as he manages to hide the fact that he is a clone from everyone, including his own daughters. He created them so that he could continue to live a relatively normal life, taking blood from him under the guise of making sure they were healthy. Of course, it’s worth mentioning his brilliant plan to stop and destroy the construction sites and save the lives of his daughters, even if it means sacrificing her own (although there’s a slim chance she survived).

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