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The 10 Bravest Characters, Ranked

The 10 Bravest Characters, Ranked
Written by ga_dahmani
The 10 Bravest Characters, Ranked

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Netflix show Resident Evil.

Characters introduced on Netflix demonic resident forced to navigate an apocalyptic world overwhelmed by Zeroes, so it’s no surprise that so many of them are brave. It takes talent, intelligence, and courage to survive the horrible dystopia depicted on the show.

The most fearless characters in the series so far do more than just survive. They will go to great lengths to achieve their goals, even if it means they have to put themselves at risk. As fans eagerly await news on the future of the critically panned show, it’s as good a time as any to remember the actions of some incredibly brave characters from the first season.


10 arjun batra

Arjun Batra lying on a bed in Netflix's Resident Evil.

Arjun is Bea’s loving father and Jade’s loving husband. While Jade puts herself in danger in the field for her research, Arjun chooses to stay at the University to care for her daughter. He even defends Jade when Bea comments that her presence on the ship doesn’t matter because she’ll be working anyway.

There aren’t many opportunities in the first season for Arjun to show his bravery, although there is nothing to show that he is a coward. A brief example highlights how he does not hesitate to leave the ship with Jade to go after Bea, but is apparently fatally wounded soon after.

9 bea

Jade hugs Bea in the field in Resident Evil

There are several burning questions about Bea after the ending, as the huge infected crocodile doesn’t attack her for some reason, which could be why Billie decides to take her away after killing Jade. Despite being a little girl, Bea has shown that she can be brave when she has to.

She mistakenly trusts her mother when Jade has a living Zero in her lab, leading to a disastrous chase from which Bea luckily escapes. He also heeds Jade’s dire advice about taking a backpack and dropping out of college, which further underscores how brave Bea can be.

8 evelynmarcus

Paola Núñez as Evelyn Marcus in Resident Evil

Evelyn is the great villain of the first season and she plays her role well. She is cunning and manipulative and can often be unpredictable. She will do whatever it takes to make Umbrella successful, as she is determined to be a better CEO than her father ever was.

It’s hard to distinguish between bravery and recklessness when it comes to Evelyn’s actions. For example, when she finds out that her son Simon has been infected, she decides to shoot him to protect her and the company’s reputation. Whatever semblance of courage she may have, she obviously hasn’t been worth it, as she is reduced to a robotic doll controlled entirely by Billie.

7 simon marcus

Simon Marcus and Jade Wesker in Resident Evil

Despite being the CEO’s son, Simon isn’t afraid to rebel against the company and its oppressive rules. His actions become increasingly risky over the course of the first season, as he goes from helping Jade breach a firewall to helping the Wesker sisters during their escape from armed Umbrella guards.

Being a teenager, Simon understandably turns to his mother after Billie bites him, which turns out to be a mistake that costs him his life. It’s a shame there isn’t an adult version of him, as it’s easy to imagine him fending off Zeroes alongside Jade.

6 richard baxter

Richard Baxter walking down the stairs with a soldier behind him in Resident Evil.

He may not have been nice initially, but Baxter’s goofiness makes it easy to root for him despite him being a villain. He is not afraid of treacherous situations, knowing that Umbrella will come looking for him. That safety net is not the source of all his courage, as he is determined to survive no matter how dire the circumstances.

An unforgettable action sequence in the Brotherhood’s lair highlights Baxter’s bravery and fighting prowess as he effortlessly cuts through zeros. He nearly escapes with Jade, but unfortunately doesn’t make it, robbing fans of more comedic moments that could further prove just how brave he is.

5 Albert “Bert” Wesker

Bert Wesker in a lab coat in Netflix's Resident Evil.

Bert may have spent most of his life locked away by Umbrella, but his naivety doesn’t stop him from doing the right thing. He doesn’t hesitate to protect the Wesker sisters against Roth and his goons and volunteers to sacrifice himself when Albert tells them of his plan to blow up the building.

So it’s no surprise that Albert trusts Bert with his daughters’ lives. His lack of experience in the real world can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, with the advantage that he’s not afraid to take big risks if he thinks he’s doing the right thing.

4 Billie Wesker

Resident Evil Sienna Agudong as Billie Wesker

As one of the badass female leads in demonic resident, Billie shows more than once that she is brave. As a teenager, she is initially shy and reserved, but soon Jade influences her to be brave and find out exactly what is going on with her body after the dog incident.

Hopefully, future seasons will reveal what kind of fearless actions Billie had to do to gain control of Umbrella, as it’s clearly not been an easy ride. Even when she is being attacked by a horde of Zeroes and a huge infected crocodile, Billie does not give up and finds a way out. It may be for all the wrong reasons, but there’s no denying that she’s fearless.

3 blond angel

Blonde Angel in Netflix's Resident Evil.

Her role may have been brief, but Angel’s investigative journalism allows Jade to realize that Umbrella is up to no good. Despite being threatened by the company, Angel chooses to follow his new lead and seek out the Wesker sisters, eventually informing them that those around them are lying to them.

Angel disappoints his family and is portrayed as a conspiracy theorist, but that doesn’t stop him from following the story he knows is out there. Unsurprisingly, his audacity gets him kidnapped and killed, but not before he’s made a significant difference in the Weskers’ lives.

two Albert “Al” Wesker

Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker in Resident Evil

Throughout the first season, Albert slowly reveals that he is not just a cold and stoic father who is seemingly cut off from his family’s life. In reality, he cares deeply for his daughters and eventually even sacrifices his own life to save them.

Before that dramatic conclusion, Albert proves his bravery by covering for Billie and Jade after their office break-in incident. He’s also not afraid to confront Evelyn during high-stakes meetings about Joy, as he knows they shouldn’t mass-produce him when there’s even the slightest chance she could release the T-Virus.

1 Jade Wesker

Resident Evil Ella Balinska as Jade Wesker

Without a doubt, the bravest person in the series so far is Jade. Most of the events of the first season are shown from her perspective. Even as a teenager, she is feisty and unstoppable, especially when it comes to discovering the truth about Umbrella and the identity of her and her sister.

As an adult, Jade chooses to be out in the field for her research, risking her life every day to study the zeros. She is involved in several dangerous situations during her trip back to the University as Baxter and Umbrella soldiers follow her. She outclasses them all thanks to her quick thinking and incredible courage, which fans will see more of in future episodes.

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