Resident Evil

Main Characters Ranked By Strength

Main Characters Ranked By Strength
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Main Characters Ranked By Strength

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Netflix show Resident Evil.

The recently released Netflix series, demonic resident, introduced numerous strong characters with impressive fighting skills. After all, they must be skilled to survive in the dystopian world dominated by Zeroes. There is no shortage of intense action sequences that often highlight the strengths of the characters, including the obnoxious minor villain Richard Baxter and the talented lead Jade Wesker.

The strongest among them are capable of surviving ridiculously dangerous situations, with some like Billie Wesker exhibiting superhuman abilities. With the future of the critically panned series still uncertain, it’s the perfect time to look back at some of the strongest characters introduced in the first season.


10 bea

Jade hugs Bea in the field in Resident Evil

There are several burning questions that revolve around Bea, Jade’s daughter. The season one finale shows her somehow surviving an encounter with an infected crocodile before being kidnapped by Billie and Umbrella’s soldiers. Before that dramatic moment, she also manages to narrowly escape a Zero her mother foolishly brought onto the ship.

By now it should be obvious that he survives many events by sheer luck; after all, she is just a girl. She’s not strong enough to hold her own against any Zero on her own, let alone hold her own against someone like Billie.

9 blond angel

Blonde Angel in Netflix's Resident Evil.

Ángel has a brief but important role as an investigative journalist in demonic resident. Her daring investigation into Umbrella’s shady practices helps Jade uncover disturbing parallels between an infected worker and her sister. There is no mistaking the fact that Angel is brave, as he even goes to New Raccoon City and risks his life in search of evidence that might force Umbrella to admit to his unethical practices.

However, there aren’t many opportunities for Angel to show his strength, if any. He is pinned down by the authorities without much resistance and is soon killed by Albert while he was pinned down. If he had the chance, he would probably be able to defend himself physically if he applied the same determination and courage that he has to his work.

8 arjun batra

Arjun Batra lying on a bed in Netflix's Resident Evil.

While his wife Jade is away in the country, Arjun chooses to stay behind to care for their daughter Bea on the ship known as the University. He is a great father and even defends Jade’s choices to Bea when she comments that she works all the time.

However, like Angel, there aren’t many opportunities for Arjun to show what strength he may have. Perhaps the closest thing is when he barely survives being attacked by the infected crocodile while he and Jade are on a boat trying to rescue Bea. He manages to hang on long enough to encourage Jade to let him die and go after Bea.

7 simon marcus

Simon Marcus and Jade Wesker in Resident Evil

Simon goes from stealing anime to infiltrating his mother’s company very quickly after meeting Jade. He falls in love with her and is willing to risk her life to help her and Billie uncover Umbrella’s dirty secrets. This unfortunately puts him in danger, as Billie bites him during his and Jade’s attempt to rescue her from her.

It’s one of the only moments in the series that shows a bit of Simon’s strength, as he manages to get away before she can do any more damage. Evelyn sadly makes sure that fans never find out if Simon has any fighting skills against Zeroes by shooting him right then and there.

6 evelynmarcus

Every time Evelyn walks into a room, the atmosphere changes due to how intimidating and obviously evil she is. She is the great villain of the first season and she plays her role well. As the CEO of Umbrella, she doesn’t have to do much to defend herself against it, as she has hired guards who can do it for her.

If she counts as strength, Evelyn can shoot very well, even when upset. This ability is shown in the way she shoots Albert’s hand and then his thigh. Whether this proved useful in the future is a mystery, as she becomes Billie’s puppet and she can only do what the villainous Wesker inputs into her device.

5 Albert “Al” Wesker

Resident Evil Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker 2022 Timeline

Far from being the cold and stoic father he is initially introduced to, Albert turns out to be deeply caring and attentive when it comes to his daughters. He is willing to risk his career and then his own life to ensure his safety, as nothing matters more to him than his family.

Albert has a dark past that the girls eventually find out about, but there were hints of his unique abilities, such as when Evelyn encourages him to recapture his old self when interrogating Angel. This implies that he knows how to use tools or weapons to hurt others, which could easily apply to the zero-filled dystopian future. Unfortunately, this is never explored, as he presumably dies in the trap he sets for Evelyn in the finale.

4 Albert “Bert” Wesker

Bert Wesker in a lab coat in Netflix's Resident Evil.

Unlike Al, Bert is less experienced when it comes to the outside world and therefore not as restricted. This is made clear in the way he escapes confinement by murdering several Umbrella employees, which he does in order to get to the Wesker sisters and keep them safe.

He manages to protect them against Roth’s soldiers later, which only shows his amazing strength. This could have something to do with how he was cloned by his creator, as the show is no stranger to all kinds of genetic engineering.

3 richard baxter

Richard Baxter walking down the stairs with a soldier behind him in Resident Evil.

Despite being introduced as a minor antagonist, it’s hard not to root for the comic villain Baxter after a hilarious moment he shares with Jade in the Brotherhood’s lair. This is soon followed by an epic action sequence that shows him slaughtering numerous Zeros with ease, which is amazing considering how he almost fell down the stairs the first time the audience meets him.

Before that cool scene, Baxter’s strength is underestimated because he’s always surrounded by Umbrella soldiers. He never had a reason to show his fighting ability until that moment. It’s disappointing to see him get killed so quickly, just when his character was starting to get interesting.

two Jade Wesker

Resident Evil Ella Balinska as Jade Wesker

Jade is the badass female lead in demonic resident who has been a fighter and brave since her teens. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and say what she wants, even if it makes her a little upset. When she was a teenager, she shows her strength by killing the infected dog that attacks Billie, which only marks the beginning of her long journey against Zeroes.

She grows up to be a scientist who takes risks and gets close to zeros to study them. There are no shortage of moments in the series that highlight her fighting ability, including how she fends off a horde of Zeroes in the Brotherhood’s lair and when she narrowly escapes the Lickers with a group of survivors.

1 Billie Wesker

Billie from Netflix's Resident Evil with guards.

Everything changes for Billie after the infected dog bites her, as the T-Virus is in her veins and affects her way of thinking and acting. This is easy to see during the events after the dog incident, as she appears to have gained superhuman strength that allows her to fight Umbrella soldiers and effortlessly push people several feet away from her. Not to mention the way she bites Simon and holds on to her arm for quite a while before letting go.

Her skills have improved since then, as she is a capable elite soldier working for Umbrella as an adult. She does not give up despite facing a horde of Zeroes and manages to use both the available technology and her own abilities to evade them and the huge infected crocodile. Hopefully, future seasons will highlight more of her unique abilities that are a result of the T-Virus.

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