how to build a tunnel

how to build a tunnel
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how to build a tunnel

Weather mining it’s a integral part of Minecraft, it is also one of the more dangerous. Players will often opt for strip mining instead, as it is a much lower risk, but this can be much less exciting and will probably produce fewer resources. Fortunately, gamers have determined how to build incredibly smart tunnel drilling systems, combining TNT duplicators with flying machines do mining faster and more fun.

The original design of this tunnel was created by Borkon in Minecraft 1.16, and the machine still works in the 1.19 Wild update. The machine makes use of TNT duplicators, and although it takes advantage of a glitch in the gamethe developers have stated that probably after a while of seeing them mendedso players do not need to worry that this machine will not work soon.


Before starting the construction, players must gather all the necessary resources for it, as well as find a location for the drill. Players must go deep underground and mine an area 25 blocks long, 12 blocks wide, and four blocks high for your tunnel. Good starting places would be stalactite caves or other deep open caves where the player has a lot of space to work. When building, it is essential that none of the slime blocks in the build are touching the walls or ceiling of the cave–that will make the machine stop.

As for resources, players will need all of the following:

  • Six ancient rubble blocks
  • four shroomlights
  • Two TNT blocks
  • Two walls (of any kind)
  • 21 slime blocks
  • nine pistons
  • Eight sticky pistons
  • nine observers
  • seven blocks of red stone
  • Two detector lanes
  • two mine carts
  • Two dead coral fans
  • Six slabs (of any type)
  • a block of sandstone
  • a block of notes

Start construction of tunnel drilling

  • Startplayers must place three ancient debris in a row, followed by a mushroom light, an observer looking to the left (and going out to the right), then two gooey pistons facing each other. This row of blocks must have a three-block gap between it and the long sidewall, and be parallel it. Ancient rubble may be a block away from the short wall. For players who don’t have shroomlights, froglights can be used as an alternative, though that’s a bit riskier since they have a lower resistance to explosions. Seems to work fine but a bad explosion can cause problems.
  • nextwith a gap of one block after the piston, build the mechanism shown below. It has an observer looking to the right at piston level, with a fan of dead coral placed above it. The observer is looking at a wall with the TNT on it. There are two inverted slabs after the wall, one above the TNT, and a shroomlight to the right of the TNT. There is also a slime block on the dead coral fan and two on the last slab. The dead coral wall and fan here may seem weird choicesbut actually they are main ingredients in making the duplicator work.
  • Afterthe players must load a detector rail with a minecart on top of the shroomlight. The players must No place the detector rail directly, as doing so would activate the TNT. Instead, players must place the minecart on a detector rail. next to the shroomlightthen use a piston to push it towards him. So they can destroy the piston system..
  • nextthe players must place a regular piston behind the slime blocks of two heights, in line with the upper one, with a distance of one block between them. A observer will come out at the back of the piston, in front of a block of red stone. Below that redstone block, there will be a slime block.
  • With all that donethe first arm of the hole is complete. Repeat this process, building the second arm of the drill, which is identical towards first. Both arms must have a six-block gap between thembut otherwise they should be aligned with each other.
  • Nowthe two arms They need to be attached via a slime block system. there should be a two block gap between the current slime block further back and the new attachment to the system. Build it exactly as shown below., with the pistons placed at the same height as the slime block that is two blocks ahead of them. the four pistons in front of here they are standard pistonsweather the others are all sticky pistons. On the system connection bit, note the one block gap between the redstone block and the sticky piston.
  • Add the button who directs the whole thing to the first arm that was built. Note the placement of rear redstone block in this picture, and where it is relative to the sticky piston in the connecting mechanism. To the left of that redstone block is a right-facing sticky pistonafter five slime blocks. On top of the slime blocks there are two observers facing each otherand a normal piston facing left. Beneath the leftmost slime block is a Noteblocka observer looking to the right and outlet in sandstone. Above that is a sticky piston and a slime block.

the point of the Noteblock here’s to act as a dynamic button. When the note block is interacted with, it will update the pitch it makes, provoking the observer next to him as he notices a block update. This causes the system to wake up, but unlike the standard buttons, this one can actually be moved by pistons without breaking.

  • Finallyit’s time to prepare the system. go to the left rear of machine and place a red stone block at the top of the sticky piston looking sideways. after placing at the location shown below and activating the pistons, Destroy it. This will prime the tunnel drill and it is now ready for action.

How to use tunnel drilling

To use this machine, players must simply interact with notepad. This will duplicate a TNT block, prime it, and launch it all the way to the end of the ancient rubble. old debris it’s incredibly useful here, like obsidian, cannot be destroyed by TNT. Unlike obsidian, however, can be moved by pistons. the TNT will explode and mine a large area, from which players can grab the falling items. The machine will also advance automatically a block when shooting.

Players will have to be careful with two things. For one, always wait for the previous TNT to explode before firing another shot. If you don’t, the first TNT will explode and launch the second TNT back towards the machine. Players must then manually handle any lava, water, or obsidian that the machine finds, like none of these things can be destroyed by TNT. The machine will not break when it hits any of these blocks, it will only be unable to progress until removed.

If the players want increase efficiency furthermore, they can build a mirrored tunnel to the left of it, each with an independent button system. By walking between the two, players can operate both at the same time and double the speed at which they gather resources. just be careful of make sure there is exactly six blocks space between the old remains of one machine and the old remains of the other.

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