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Adeline Rudolph and Paola Núñez on the relationship of their characters

Adeline Rudolph and Paola Núñez on the relationship of their characters
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Adeline Rudolph and Paola Núñez on the relationship of their characters

from the creator andres dabbthe Netflix series demonic resident (which comes from the popular media franchise created by Capcom) serves as the third live-action adaptation set in this universe. Taking its backstory and video game lore but branching off into its own original continuity, the show takes place in a perspective of dual timelines, one taking place in our present and one in the semi-distant future. .

In 2022, Dr. Albert Wesker (lance reddick) and their two daughters, Jade (smart tamara) and Billie (sienna sharpong) have recently moved into a new planned community known as New Raccoon City, a vision set forth by the mysterious Umbrella Corporation, in which Wesker serves as an executive and researcher publicly tasked with creating a new product known as “Joy”. Secretly, however, Wesker is trying to engineer a response to the epidemic of something called the “T Virus”. Meanwhile, Jade and Billie, suspicious of their father’s real work, begin digging into Umbrella’s secrets, much to the annoyance of Wesker’s boss and company director, Evelyn Marcus (Paola Nunez).


In the future timeline of 2036, Jade (she balinska) is on the run from Umbrella, who is looking for her for some nefarious purpose, but she also has to survive dangerous groups of “zeros”, those who have been infected by the T-Virus, to get home to her family. . However, Jade’s situation becomes even more complicated when it is revealed that not only Umbrella, but her sister Billie (adeline rodolfo) has quite a bit of bone to choose from with her as well.

Prior to the show’s premiere on July 14, Collider had the opportunity to speak with Rudolph and Núñez about joining the demonic resident universe and when they first found out who they would be playing on the show. Over the course of the interview, which you can watch above or read below, the duo discussed their familiarity with the franchise before signing on to the show, how they wanted to add layers of complexity to these powerful women, the complicated family dynamics in the series, how control shifts in a big and surprising way between adult Billie and Evelyn, and more.

Collider: For both of you, how familiar were you with the franchise before you signed?

PAOLA NÚÑEZ: Well, in my case I knew about the franchise. Of course, I saw some of the movies. I played the first game and then I was able to play the last game, the virtual reality one. So of course. I am in my forties. i know all about demonic resident. I never thought I was going to be a part of the franchise world, and I’m very grateful for that.

ADELINE RUDOLPH: Very similar here, in terms of it being such an iconic franchise. There’s no world where I don’t think you can really find someone you haven’t heard of demonic resident. So, I definitely watched the movies. I didn’t play the games. However, I did see people play it for me only on YouTube, like a Twitch situation. But yes, familiar with the franchise. Also, lots of friends and family who are really big fans of the movies or games.

It’s like a movie when you can see someone else play it. I’ve done it before, sure. When did you two officially find out who you were playing with? Was it something that was withheld? Were you not sure who you were auditioning for at first, or was it something that you always knew what character you were going to play?

NÚÑEZ: I learned… They sent me the description of the character, so I basically knew what kind of character it was. I didn’t know if she was just one of the main characters. At first, she didn’t know if she was part of this group of villains. I didn’t know much until I read all the episodes. And in the episode…When is she…? Is it episode 8? The revelation of what is… in the future, what is happening with Evelyn?

RUDOLPH: 6. Is it episode 6?

NÚÑEZ: And then when I read that big twist at the end as well, which has to do with older Billie and Evelyn, I found it really interesting because I wasn’t expecting it. I think it’s a really interesting twist to the story.

And you, Adeline? When did you know you would play the older Billie?

RUDOLPH: Actually, I initially looked for a different character. But I think this was at a time when they were generally just auditioning. They really didn’t have an idea yet. And then I remember that they called me back specifically for Billie, and that was something that I knew, all along. When they called me back, they gave me more information. They were kind enough to send me… I don’t know if it’s the third time already. But at some point, they gave me the scripts. I think only two scripts. One of my younger self, which I could understand, and one of the audition scenes I was doing. So, I knew, from the beginning, what was going to happen…ish. But I didn’t understand where it was going to fall, how exactly it was going to happen. I didn’t know everything my young self had been through yet. I didn’t know about the ending. So, there was a lot of mystery. But yeah, I had a good idea, actually. They were very generous.

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Paola, Evelyn is a character that has a lot of power for much of the season, but she is much more than just being the figurehead and the top of the Umbrella chain. What did you want to emphasize by portraying her, not just as a powerful woman?

NUNEZ: Pain. That’s what she wanted… I want and still want fans of the show to see her as a wounded person who is trying to control her life and wants to be recognized and respected. She makes all the wrong decisions, of course. But I just want people to connect with the part that I connect with them, which is the need to be important, the need to be seen, the need to make a difference. I think she has a huge ego, and she really wants to make a difference, and she really wants respect and recognition and belonging. We all have those things in different doses, and the fact that, yes, she is a sociopath. You can see her as a really bad person. But I find it very interesting when we, as actors, can drive… I don’t know if I’m going to drive. I don’t know if I did a good job, but I wanted to make her human, and I wanted to have those moments of humanity, where we can see her pain, and we can see that she doesn’t have the control that she wants to have all the time.

For what it’s worth, I think you did a great job of capturing those intricacies of his character. When it comes to the character of Billie, we have the same character being played by two different actresses, and they both have to deal with her at very different times in her life. I know you said that you had been given the opportunity to read a script by her, by her from a younger age. Did you get to see Siena’s performance? Was there any chance you had to see what she was doing? [that] then, in turn, would it help to develop its own representation? Something you took away and tried to reflect? This is a very long question.

Rudolph: Yes, yes. No, thanks for the question. One hundred by one hundred. I got the scripts, but I came in later, obviously, in the episodes, therefore later on the set. So, Siena had already established young Billie. It’s one thing to read about it and make her own assumptions for her older Billie. It’s another one for… It’s almost like a blessing, being able to watch a couple of clips. They gave me a couple of clips of her, for a couple of scenes I had done of her. I was also in contact with her earlier as we knew who was already in the cast. And I remember, when she did her hair, I was like, “Oh my God, is that the hair we’re getting?” I know it’s years apart, but I think that was something I also wanted to have in common with young Billie, so I pushed too, and I’m happy they did.

But yeah, in terms of character, I think there were elements of her personality that I saw in myself or in an older Billie, the way she is. Because ultimately we poured into these characters, and I think Siena and I had a couple of things in common and so even though Billie’s personality has evolved, deep down she’s the same person. They just have different thoughts, maybe now, or choose to do things a little differently or navigate the world differently. But ultimately, it is about a girl who loves her sister who had to go through many troubles or also has a loving but also complicated relationship with her sister and her father.

It’s definitely a lot of complicated family relationships, for both characters, I’d say. I know you probably can’t say much, but since we know there’s a bit of a connection between your characters, at some point in the future, what can you tease fans about that?

RUDOLPH: Expect the unexpected, let me tell you. In every sense. Yeah, it’s hard not to…

NÚÑEZ: Yeah, I’d say like… not all the characters that seem to be in control are in control. You can always expect power to change, as in life, power changes, even if you don’t expect it. At least for my character. That she is holding on to this power and control. And I really think that applies to life. When you hold on tight… I have this phrase that I love to hear: “Hold it loose.” Because if you keep things too tight, you’re probably going to lose all control at some point, and that goes for Evelyn. So I feel like the control thing is really important for both of our characters.

RUDOLPH: And then I think the only thing I’ll also say is that it’s great, which I didn’t think about, but it’s true: Evelyn has to have… Or not really. You, Paola, can have the experience, like Evelyn, with Billie young and old, and let’s say that the turn is marked.

demonic resident is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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