A Witcher pack for Minecraft makes too much sense

A Witcher pack for Minecraft makes too much sense
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A Witcher pack for Minecraft makes too much sense

The Wizard franchise has become incredibly popular in recent years, with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt being one of the most critically acclaimed games ever made and the Netflix series that brings Geralt’s story to a much wider audience. With so many interesting figures and monsters existing in Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy world, a game like Minecraft could do a lot with some crossover content.

Minecraft has crossed paths with many properties over the years, from the animated series Adventure time to the live action show Strange things. video games like Fall Y mass effect have received special cosmetic packages, as have film franchises such as minions. Nevertheless, The Wizard is unique because Mojang could not only pull from the video games for a Mashup Pack, but also from the TV series.


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Content that could appear in a Witcher Mashup pack

Obviously, Geralt of Rivia would be the main attraction of a sorcerer crossover, as many would surely love to dress up as the Blaviken Butcher. Mojang could go to great lengths to include all the Witcher school armor that appeared in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, going further to give players a wide variety of options for how their Geralt looks. Outside of Cat and Griffin’s outfits, the armor worn by Geralt in the show’s first two seasons could be incorporated.

Yennefer and Ciri would also benefit from a combo pack that pulls Netflix games and series alike. Many Yennefer dresses from the Netflix series could be incorporated, such as the outfit with the mask from when he met Geralt. Also, her alternate look of the witcher 3 can be tailored, with the game’s default clothing present as well. As for Ciri, the mashup package could include both the young version of the show and the adult variant of the witcher 3.

Beyond the three main characters of The Wizard universe, there are dozens of supporting characters that could appear. The lovable Regis, the loyal Dandelion, and the fierce Zoltan could all be fun to watch in MinecraftThe characteristic blocky art style of . Other major warlocks like Vesemir, Lambert, and Eskel would be must-haves, while sorceresses like Keira Metz and Triss Merigold would be fun additions. The entire Wild Hunt would also look great as skins, with Gaunter and Olgierd from Hearts of Stone providing even more opportunities.

Those familiar with MinecraftThe Saber DLC Combo Packs can drastically change the skins of enemies in the world. Given the number of mobs that exist in Minecraft now, there are a bunch of enemy skins that could get a sorcerer-inspired makeover. For example, the Drowned in Minecraft could be remodeled to look like the chokers from The Wizard. The Ender Dragon could turn into a Griffin, while the Endermen’s teleportation abilities make them ideal for The WizardLeshens. Other mobs might get makeovers to look like creatures from The Wizard universe, with the non-hostile Pigmen in the Nether being replaced by the semi-intelligent Trolls. The list of possibilities is endless, and Mojang could really get creative in bringing creatures like Nekkers to Minecraft.

Beyond redesigned mobs and a huge variety of skins, a texture pack could give players a few different blocks that allow them to create cities like Novigrad or the incredibly colorful Toussaint. While it may not be possible to play Gwent within Minecrafteverything else that is an essential part of The Wizard the universe could be replicated. With swords and crossbows already in the game, Geralt and the many other important figures of The Wizard I would be at home inside Minecraft.

Minecraft It is available now for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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