The Internet Mourns The Death Of Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade At 23


The Internet Mourns The Death Of Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade At 23

It looks like Technoblade's Minecraft avatar is about to cut the Minecraft logo in half with an iron sword.

Image: Technoblade / Minecraft

Technoblade (or Techno for short), a popular Minecraft YouTuber and Internet personality with more than 11 million followers on the video creation platform, passed away on June 30 after losing his battle with cancer. He was just 23 years old.

Technoblade, whose real name is Alex, created his YouTube channel in October 2013, mainly focusing on Minecraft contents. frequented the hyperpixel serverone of the largest Minecraft Server networks with tons of original mini-games for players to watch. This is how Techno built its brand: making videos around Hypixel Minecraft stuff. He would also be praised for his top tier PvP skills, entering often Minecraft championship tournaments. She didn’t always get first place, but she usually placed in the top 10. Techno also appeared in other YouTubers’ videos, even developing a small friendly rivalry with his fellow YouTubers. Minecraft Dream content creator. Techno was a beloved and influential figure and an active member of the Minecraft community.

It was also learned that he was fighting sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that grows in the connective tissues of the body. In a video from August 2021, talked a little about the diagnosis, said that the cancer will not stop him and that he was starting chemotherapy. Unfortunately, Techno has tragically lost that battle. His family confirmed the news in a message shared by esports commentator Jake Lucky.

“We, the Technoblade family, wanted all of you to know how much he adored and respected his fans and colleagues,” the family wrote in the message. “Last year had a lot of tough times for our son as he battled stage four cancer. But he didn’t complain and he just kept using his famous strategic mind to try and beat what he knew were almost impossible odds.”

Ever since the news of his passing, people have been paying tribute to the life and ingenuity of Techno. Renowned streamer louis said he will “always admire” Techno, while YouTuber jacksepticeye called he “an absolute legend in the community whose influence was felt far and wide”. Pokimane intervened also, saying that Techno “inspired millions around the world”. The sentiment has been echoed by Quite everyone else in the community, along with a collective cry: “Fuck cancer”.

The Hypixel Minecraft server also honored Techno, writing that as long as the family gives their consent, the main lobby will have a memorial statue where people can leave their condolences in a digital book until the end of July. There are a petition to make the Techno statue a permanent fixture in the main lobby. The digital signature book will eventually be “moderated, physically printed, and presented to the Techno family.”

However, Techno did not leave our plane of existence without a final charge. On an all-white background with a Maltese-looking white lapdog, Techno’s father read a short message written by Techno himself. In it, Techno announced that he had passed away. He then described the experience of him creating Minecraft content such as the “happiest years of his life” and thanked the community for their love and support. He discussed the story of his “fake” name Dave, which he called “one of the most successful pranks” he’s ever pulled on one of his brothers, and expressed his gratitude to fans for buying his merchandise as it allowed him to pay his brother’s school. If they want to go, that is. After finishing his short message, Techno daddy had some words on behalf of your childalso.


“Alex, you don’t have to do anything else,” Techno’s father said, fighting back tears as he recounted some of the last words he said to Techno at his bedside. “You have done so much for so many people. Millions of people. And if you want now, you can rest. But if you want to write one last video and you’re waiting for things to get a little better, I’d say don’t wait.”

According to Technoblade’s father, he then grabbed a laptop, typed out the last few paragraphs his father read in the earlier video, and was “done.” Techno’s father said that he “lived another eight hours after that”, surrounded by his family. Rest in peace, Technoblade. And fuck cancer.