Every Sword Enchantment In Minecraft, Ranked


Every Sword Enchantment In Minecraft, Ranked

Minecraft It may embrace simplicity with its blocky graphics and aesthetic, but it has really grown since its release in 2011. Whether players want to use the game’s tools to test their creativity on fancy building projects, engage in mini-games, or try to survive against hordes of mobs, Minecraft has something for everyone. One particular concept that is particularly useful within a hard Survival game is the use of enchantments.

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Enchantments allow players to customize their tools, weapons, and armor, adding various boosts that enhance certain aspects of gameplay. There are 10 sword enchantments available in Minecraft, They can vary in quality and usefulness depending on the specific tool. However, players will find various sword enchantments useful.

10 The disappearing curse causes the sword to disappear on death.

Curse of Vanishing is easily the worst enchantment to have a sword on. Minecraft. It is the only one that has active negative effects and offers nothing but a cool name. Vanishing does what the name suggests, meaning that any tools with this added will disappear upon player death.

It doesn’t make much sense for players to use a sword with this enchantment, especially if it’s a valuable sword with other enchantments combined. The only reason to use this would be to add a difficulty level for the Minecraft thrill seekers out there.

9 An arthropod bane sword is perfect for fending off those pesky spiders.

As the name suggests, Arthropods are the only type of mobs that should be wary of this enchantment. A sword with Bane of Arthropods will deal bonus damage to silverfish, spiders, and cave spiders, but little else.

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Unfortunately, most of these mobs are already pretty easy to deal with, which means this type of enchantment is very specific. However, for those who are lucky enough to collect diamond swords for every occasion, such a prepared sword could be useful for exploring certain caves.

8 The unbreakable enchantment will allow a sword to be used for much longer than initially possible

Getting the first diamonds in a game is one of the best feelings in Minecraft, especially in the intense Survival mode. When building diamond tools and weapons, it’s no fun when such a valuable commodity is about to break.

A sword with the Unbreakable enchantment does what the name suggests and greatly improves the weapon’s durability. However, it doesn’t make the sword completely unbreakable, it just delays the inevitable for much longer. Unbreakable may not offer damage boosts, but it can be combined with such buffs to form a formidable weapon.

7 Sharpness gives the sword increased damage against all mobs

While Smite and Bane of Arthropods offer increased damage against specific types of mobs, Sharpness is a damage increase against any mob. This all-rounder of an enchantment sounds like the ideal choice for any diamond sword, but the damage increase isn’t as favorable as other enchantment-specific increases.

With that said, Sharpness is a solid addition to any prized sword due to this flexibility, making it useful in any situation. Improving attack speed and damage is essential when exploring the deadliest corners of Minecraft.

6 A Knockback sword is perfect for keeping those explosive vines away

The damage increase from hits is not always all that is needed in a weapon. Some situations require different solutions. Knockback can be one of those solutions because it knocks enemies back to a safe distance. This is an extremely useful enchantment for a sword, whether dealing with hordes of mobs or the volatile Creepers.

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Creepers are known for exploding when they get too close to players, so Knockback gives players a bit more protection to take on that threat. Players should not underestimate the utility of pushing enemies back before dealing as much damage as possible.

5 A sweeping edge sword can damage multiple mobs simultaneously with a single hit.

While Knockback has its uses for pushing enemies back, Sweeping Edge can draw attention to multiple mobs at once. This enchantment can deal impressive damage with a sweep attack. Not only is it especially useful for taking out or escaping from hordes of mobs, but it’s also especially efficient and time-saving on certain mobs farms.

Generally, Sweeping Edge can be combined with various other enchantments. This allows several different sword combinations to sweep multiple enemies at once and deal even more damage to opponents.

When putting together the perfect sword, enchantments that improve damage can often seem the most attractive. However, it shouldn’t be taken for granted how good looting can be as an enchantment. As the name suggests, this enchantment increases the drop rate of items dropped by defeated mobs.

This is especially useful if a player is specifically trying to farm a certain item for crafting purposes because it saves time and weapon durability. Whether it’s for edible drops from farm animals or valuable items like the Fire Rod, looting certainly has its uses.

3 The Smite Charm is crucial for defending against the undead.

Sharpness gives an additional damage boost to any mob, Bane of Arthropods is useful for damaging spiders, but Smite is exactly what is needed when facing undead mobs. Undead mobs cover most common enemies like zombies and skeletons, but Smite also hits harder against the mighty Wither.

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Smite should be one of the priorities when putting together a powerful sword before going on a long journey. The significant increase in damage is vital against these creepy mobs, and Smite V helps make the ultimate sword.

two The Fire Aspect enchantment allows players to inflict fiery chaos on enemies

Fire is known as a devastating element in Minecraft, and players can deal some fire damage themselves using Fire Aspect enchanted weapons. Not only can this be useful for dealing fire damage against deadly mobs, but killing animals with a Fire Aspect sword can also drop cooked meat.

Fire Aspect is a fun enchantment for those who want a change of pace from the more commonly used options. However, it’s worth noting that there are several mobs, especially those that live in the Nether, that won’t take the intended fire damage due to their various resistances or constitutions.

1 A repair sword restores durability by feeding on experience

Mending is often considered more desirable than Unbreaking. Holding a tool or weapon enchanted with Mending will take any experience gained and convert it into restoring that specific tool’s durability. This is especially helpful as it essentially negates any concerns about a prized and valuable possession breaking due to overuse.

However, Mending is especially rare. It is not accessible from an enchanting table and its books are hard to find. Its rarity reflects its value and it is a must for any build, especially diamond tools and weapons.

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