5 things fans want in Call of Duty Warzone


5 things fans want in Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone has put a new spin on the Battle Royale genre with its innovative game design, but just like every other Call of Duty game (except Modern Warfare), this game is still missing a few things that fans want. watch. So, here are five things we’d love to see added to Call of Duty Warzone.
1. Keep the stimulus solos

One of the biggest complaints we had with the Gulag was that it was a tedious and frustrating experience masquerading as “challenging.” Granted, having only two lives for the entire game increases the challenge and makes you more careful. But this session to hone your Battle Royale skills is meaningless because the Gulag was a place of “attic” and “rooftop” campers, all waiting with sniper rifles and no combat skills to shoot you the moment they hit you. You enter the Gulag.

So picture this, you’ve had a wonderful round, racking up kills. But one wrong click, and you’re dead. You now have a chance to get back into the game through the Gulag, but the moment you enter it, after the tedious cutscenes and all that, you get shot in the head by a random player. You have lost the game.

The problem with the Gulag is that it is not difficult but tedious, boring and takes the fun out of the game. With the arrival of Stimulus Solos, we couldn’t be happier. With $4,500 health insurance, you can instantly respawn in the game with your old gun and back in game skills. It’s more fun, more challenging and makes you want to push yourself.

We loved the addition of Stimulus Solos, and so did everyone who puts in hours of Warzone, and we want him to stick around. Respawn pricing seems too low, making solo play too long. So if in the next season the developers could raise the respawn threshold, that would be perfect!
2. Big upgrades, less effect

Warzone players may realize how annoying it is to open the game only to see another 10 GB “patch” waiting to be downloaded and installed, which is just a minor bug fix that rarely fixes anything. The size of these massive patches and updates can be a nightmare, especially if you have a poor wifi connection. Imagine downloading a 10 GB patch on your PlayStation 4 with a download speed of 10 Mbps. Good luck playing before you run out of power!

We want patches and updates to be small. Frequent updates can be ignored if they are small and bring a better change to the game.

3. The problem with Bloom

Okay, not many people may know this because this gets into the technical side a bit. So there is a gameplay mechanic used by developers mainly when making first person shooter games. It is called Bloom and it is related to the experience of shooting weapons. So what does Bloom do?

When you play a normal first person shooter game, the perfect example here would be Call of Duty Vanguard, blooming is very important to make the game fun. What Bloom does is slightly change the direction of your bullet to deliberately miss the target you’re shooting at. This makes shooting NPCs a bit more challenging and fun. The problem is that you don’t want Bloom to be in a Battle Royale game.

The moment this gameplay mechanic comes into play in a Battle Royale game (where making accurate first shots can win or lose the game), everything goes awry. Sadly for some reason Warzone Pacific has added Bloom, taking it from Vanguard, which doesn’t make any sense, especially the way they’ve done it.

Bloom has been added in full force. So while playing, even if you have the eyes of an eagle and the aim of an Olympic archer, you will most likely miss the shot. This makes the game much more frustrating. So should Bloom be eliminated entirely?

Not necessarily. Bloom could be great if used correctly in Battle Royale games. Fortnite, for example, uses Bloom in its shooting mechanic. But here’s the kicker, first shots should never use Bloom, so if your first few shots hit the target (which puts your aim first), you get the kill. And it doesn’t make you feel like the other person is using war zone cheats. So we want Raven Software and Infinity to make this change to the game; it will make Warzone even better.

4. Crashes and errors

Nothing is more annoying than an unfinished buggy game. And no matter how much we enjoy playing Warzone, some things make us lose our cool. It’s been years since the game came out, and we still run into glitches and bugs while playing the game. The most recent and common are the crashes we have been experiencing. While playing the game suddenly crashes and the error code says “contact developer”.

You can understand how frustrating it can be, especially when you’re playing well after a long time with a great KD relationship. In addition to these game-ruining fatal crashes, countless bugs are yet to be fixed. For example, sometimes the firing mode changes from continuous to single shot. Then there is the classic jump bug that freezes the player the moment he tries to jump over a wall or object.

These are some of the many irritating bugs that plague the game. As if Warzone cheats and hacks weren’t a problem anymore, these bugs have started to make playing the game almost impossible.

Another major bug in the game is texture glitches. Many players have reported seeing only part of the body of other players. We have mostly seen floating heads instead of a player, which not only takes us out of the gaming experience and makes it impossible to play this game properly. It’s hard to believe how the developers haven’t fixed such a visible (or rather invisible) problem yet.

There are also multiple reports of the game not working properly on older generation consoles; some players report that the game does not start or directly makes the console unresponsive. This is experienced by both blue and green teams, i.e. PlayStation and Xbox players.
5. Audio problems

We have nothing but all the negative things in the world to say about the audio design of this game. We don’t know which production team designed the audio, but “jarring” would be the best way to describe it. Call of Duty games have always been known for their great weapon sound effects, and that’s true for Warzone as well.

But where it fails and falls terribly is in surround sound and ambient noise. For some reason, we keep hearing loud bangs and bangs in the sky, as if countless bombs are going off. We know that these “explosions” are meant to give the game an authentic feel, but this “authentic feel” becomes a huge drawback.

These noises and ambient sounds would be great for campaign game like Vanguard. But in a Battle Royale where you have to keep an eye out for the smallest, faintest footsteps that can be the sound of a headshot, hearing deafening bangs in the sky isn’t the best way to play a Battle Royale game.

But it gets worse. Remember that sound is very important in any game, let alone Battle Royale. Many times we have noticed that there are no footstep sounds! We could see two players running right in front, and they didn’t make a sound. This is a complaint we’ve seen a lot on gaming forums and social media. So if the sound design and effects could be improved, it would help a lot to improve this game.


These were the five things that fans would love to see in Warzone. There’s no doubt that people are enjoying this new take on an already outdated battle royale genre, and kudos to the developers for revamping it, but there’s a lot more that fans would want to see in this game. Hackers, bugs and problems they still exist, but the developers are working on it as you read this article. So that’s a positive thing.

There are some issues regarding cargo and ground loot. This has been an issue since day one, with people complaining a lot about ground loot and downloads. First of all, his ground loot is not good at all. The developers need to add better ground loot to make the game more fun. The option to have charges would be a welcome addition to the game.