10 Obnoxious Video Game Characters Fans Came To Love


10 Obnoxious Video Game Characters Fans Came To Love

First impressions are important, and this is even more true of fictional characters than real people. If a fictional character fails to resonate with the audience or endear him on his first appearance, it is unlikely that the audience will warm to him over time.

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Video games are full of unsavory characters that audiences just don’t care about, but that’s not always a safe phrase. There have been those characters seen as unsympathetic, immoral, or just plain boring who have managed to redeem themselves among the fanbase, and have become, if not loved, at least endeared.

10 Raiden dared to replace Solid Snake, but then made his own.

Few game protagonists are as iconic as solid metal gearSolid Snake’s gruff spy. Following the huge success of the first game in the series, fans were eager to continue the character’s adventures in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. So there was understandable outrage when fans learned that much of the game is spent playing as the pale and unimpressive Raiden.

Raiden failed to impress fans due to being considered too distressed and much less impressive than his predecessor. However, later appearances in Guns of the Patriots and Metal Gear Rising: Revenge It established him as a much cooler cyborg with a compelling story of his own and a character that fans really love on his own merits.

9 Morrigan just got kinder throughout the games

any partner in any dragon age The game has its supporters and detractors, but Morrigan was one of the least liked in Dragon Age: Origins. A morally shady witch who looked down on the protagonist for doing something good, she was also rude and dismissive of all the other characters. This went too far for many fans, to the point that Bioware acknowledged the distaste for the merchandise.

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However, when he became a minor character in Dragon Age: Inquisition, Morrigan had undergone serious development. Although still morally gray and sarcastic, she had become more altruistic in helping the Inquisition and had developed a genuine and respectful relationship with other characters. As such, her appreciation for the character grew, even in retrospect, on her. origins representation.

8 Luigi Mario developed a personality

Being boring is often considered worse than being completely worthless, at least when designing popular video game characters. This fate threatened to befall Luigi Mario, the supporting character of Super Mario Bros. Designed to allow two people to play, Luigi was an exact clone of his brother, with nothing remarkable about him.

Although Mario became one of the most recognizable figures in video games, this popularity did not extend to Luigi. Later games in the franchise, especially Luigi’s Mansion, distinguishes Luigi with a cowardly yet heroic personality while making him and Mario differ mechanically in games featuring both. As such, Luigi is much more distinctive and much more appreciated for it.

7 The Arbiter won over fans despite his origins

after original aura followed the story of the Master Chief to the exclusion of everything else, halo 2 Split your land in half. Part of the game still follows Master Chief as he fights to repel the Earth Covenant and Delta Halo. Still, much of it follows Inquisitor Thel ‘Vadam, a member of the evil Covenant, learning more about the people from him and suffering a horrible betrayal.

The Inquisitor, while never outright hated, was a controversial character at first due to being one of the enemies from the previous game and taking up most of the game’s plot. However, the story of him genuinely emotional about him and the development of a bond with the Chief halo 2 Y halo 3 made him a fan favorite, to the extent that fans want him as a co-star in other aura games.

6 Ethan Winters became much more relatable

ethan winters Resident Evil 7: Biohazard It was never entirely off-putting, but the decision to give the game a more straightforward protagonist didn’t sit well with many fans. Compared to more colorful and dramatic characters like Chris Redfield or Leon Kennedy, some found Ethan bland and ordinary, becoming a mocked figure.

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In Resident Evil Village, Ethan is spelled differently. While he remains a stoic and deadpan character, he becomes much more emotional due to the high-stress situation he finds himself in, providing genuine emotional tension and levity when needed. Ethan’s reputation has improved to the point that his final actions and his death are considered an emotional high point for the series.

5 Nero proved his worth alongside Dante

Replacing a popular video game protagonist is always a contentious choice, and fans have grown to dislike Nero ever since. Devils Might Cry 4 as soon as it was announced that he, and not the iconic Dante, was going to lead the game. Although subsequent publicity materials alleviated some of this annoyance, many fans harbored a grudge that persisted throughout the game.

However, Nero was well represented in the game, moving up in some estimates. The incredibly controversial nature of the reboot DmC: The devil may cry made many fans see Nero’s time as the lead in a new light. In the moment of the devil may cry 5many fans might appreciate both Dante and Nero as main characters in their own right.

4 Fans decided that Garrosh Hellscream did nothing wrong

Sometimes a character can never win everyone over, but can go from being universally hated to just plain divisive. For example, Garrosh Hellscream was a prominent Horde villain in world of warcraftsabotaging Thrall’s attempts to forge peace and committing several truly immoral acts that made him hard to like.

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However, his actions in later expansions like cataclysm and fans who reassessed his previous considerations of characters like Thrall saw his change of heart. Although he remains an evil figure, many began to almost ironically use the phrase ‘Garrosh did nothing wrong’ as a meme, a far cry from the total contempt most had previously held for him.

3 Squall Leonhart became more likeable in another franchise

A character can rarely be redeemed in a completely separate franchise from the one they initially disliked, but it’s not an impossible feat. Squall Leonhart was one of the less popular Final Fantasy protagonists due to fans seeing him as a crybaby, not particularly competent, and trying too hard to be cool at Final Fantasy VIII.

Squall also made several appearances in the kingdom hearts franchise, one of many Final Fantasy characters to appear. In those games, his much more proactive, helpful, and leadership role was seen as a much more likeable characterization and one that leaked out to others. Final Fantasy works in which the character intervenes.

two Kaidan Alenko leaned on his strengths

The fanbase often overlooks mass effectThe first proper party member, Kaidan Alenko. A human with a calmer and more reasonable personality, he did little to stand out against his alien crewmates or even his human companion Ashley. Furthermore, he suffered from a mix of abilities that left him without a dedicated combat role.

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Kaidan was largely absent from mass effect 2but he played an important role in 3, potentially as a squadmate. The game focused more on his trustworthy bond with Shepard, emphasized his awkward and self-deprecating sense of humor, and made him a romantic choice for a male Shepard. With that, Kaidan became a much more popular crewmate.

1 Rochelle got her sympathy patched

The character was never the main focus of the Left 4 Dead series, but players still joined the two groups of survivors from both the first game and the 4 dead 2 left. The only one that failed to land for many was Rochelle, as her personality was considered softer than the others, with far fewer funny lines or highlights.

In addition to a new campaign, the game’s The Passing DLC ​​patched several previously disabled voice lines for Rochelle. They served to give her a more defined personality and more memorable and fun lines and consequently made players immensely excited about her, putting her on a par with the other cast members.

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