10 Marvel Characters That Would Fit Right Into Another Game Franchise


10 Marvel Characters That Would Fit Right Into Another Game Franchise

Marvel can do inter-crossover better than any other franchise, with the characters meeting on film and television. But it’s more exciting when two different shows, games, or movies unexpectedly meet to form the ultimate team or go head-to-head; like in the free game from Warner Brothers multiverse.

And short of their own game, there are plenty of other game franchises where Marvel characters would fit in with the setting, cast, and protagonist in a way that feels like they always belonged there. For example, no one would resist crossing Thor in Assassin’s Creed Valhallaand likewise, the Guardians of the Galaxy would be a perfect fit for Shepherd and his crew in Mass effect.


10 Daredevil In Urban Chaos: Riot Response

Reckless he is known for being quick and deadly, using his lack of eyesight to his advantage and not letting it hinder him in any way. Considering his line of work, Reckless he’s no stranger to bad guys, and neither is Nick Mason.

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Urban Chaos: Riot Response it came out in 2006 for Playstation 2. The player assumes the role of Nick Mason of the newly formed anti-gang T-Zero, the last line of urban defense. Due to Daredevil’s past with the Kingpin and the other bad guys he has dealt with, the world of urban chaos It would be a perfect place to put the blind superhero to help take down those who break the law and hurt others.

9 Thor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

One of the popular additions to the assassin’s Creed franchise, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla It gained a lot of attention and praise for its details and combat mechanics, including melee weapons with great perks. The opinion of putting Thor in this game it is the obvious and most logical choice.

Thor and the mythology that surrounds him is a solid pairing for Assassin’s Creed Valhallaso it’s not surprising that wonderfully God of Thunder would find a place in this game. Seeing Thor wearing Mjolnir in the game would also be an amazing sight.

8 Jessica Jones in L.A. Noire

In lanoire, arson crimes, extortion, brutal murders and much more take place during the post-war heyday of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Detective Cole Phelps takes on the underworld of Los Angeles, and meanwhile, in the Marvel universe, Jessica Jones He works as a private investigator solving crimes in New York City.

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Jessica Jones would be a perfect asset in the game. L.A. Noire. Alongside Detective Cole Phelps, they would form a powerful duo of resourcefulness and determination. It only makes sense to put Jessica Jones in a world where she is solving crimes and taking down those who have broken the law.

7 Luke Cage In Street Fighter

Known to be one of the most powerful Avengers, luke cage He is no stranger to having to fight and deliver justice alongside his fellow Avengers. With his superhuman strength and tough exterior of him, there are a few fighting games one could see Luke Cage in. One game, in particular, is Street Fighter.

Street Fighter is one of the best known and most popular fighting games. With lots of action and variety of characters, there is a new challenge for the player when changing fighters and playing with others. Luke Cage would be a perfect addition to the Street Fighter lineup and would be a lot of fun to play, especially when fighting opponents like Ryu.

6 Blade in vampire the masquerade

The combination of this Wonderful character introduced in a video game world is deadly. Due to his hatred for vampires and the way he can easily blend in with the public, Sword in the world of vampire the masquerade it would be a violent, action-packed game that fans would love.

vampire the masquerade it is full of different bloodthirsty clans that hunt at night and fight each other. Add Blade to the mix, and he can resolve the war that has been going on between clans by completely eradicating the species and saving humanity.

5 Guardians of the Galaxy in Mass Effect

Guardians of the Galaxy is an excellent team of colorful and humorous characters. They have traveled throughout the universe and associated with other Wonderful characters, and if there’s one game the Guardians would fit in well, it’s the mass effect Serie.

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Imagine the Guardians taking on the Reapers and potentially working alongside Shepard and his team. There would be no lack of humor, and it would be interesting to see the Guardians take on the side quests that Shepard and his team have taken on.

4 Poison in Resident Evil

The Conscious Alien Symbiote, PoisonHe is known for his presence in the Spiderman comics as a villain. Considering his appearance, he could fit in well with the monsters of demonic resident with his abilities and appearance resembling those of the tyrants in the game.

It would make things more challenging if he was in the game, considering he can latch onto a host and take control. In a way, it’s similar to how mold affects those who become infected with it. Venom would simply be more resourceful and have better control over the host and how he attacks the player due to his intelligence and powers.

3 The Punisher in Hitman

The former Marine who took on the role of doling out street justice, The Punisher, would also later dedicate himself to hunting criminals. He may not be a clone like Agent 47, but he has the skills to be a great assassin in the Hitman franchise.

Due to The Punisher’s background and abilities, he would work well as an assassin in Hitman and he would be very good at questioning people if necessary. And with all the ones he’s faced, some if not most of the targets in Hitman he would be unable to escape The Punisher and his determination.

two loki in skyrim

Loki, the god of mischief, has become more popular over the years and is a powerful opponent. the cleverness Wonderful The character also has a distinct appearance that has some features that would be seen in the realm of Skyrim.

Some of Loki’s armor and his iconic horned helmet look like something from a lord of Skyrim would use, like Sanguine, aka the Lord of the Spree. His charm and ability to lie easily would also give him an advantage in political conversations, and his powers would make him a very dangerous wielder of magic. It is safe to say that Loki would thrive in the realm of Skyrim.

1 strange doctor on supervision

doctor strange is known for being part of one of the great fantasy themes Wonderful comics and is an intelligent and talented sorcerer who was originally a neurosurgeon. With sorcery and fighting skills, a good game he could do well in is Supervision.

In online multiplayer mode, Supervision it has heroes for the player to choose from, and if Doctor Strange was one of the heroes that players could use, it would be an intense match. Doctor Strange would dominate the playing field with his spells that bind opponents and his ability to create complex shields and barriers, giving the player an advantage in any match.

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