Fortnite Crew Membership July 2022 (Start Date, Price & Rewards)


Fortnite Crew Membership July 2022 (Start Date, Price & Rewards)

The Fortnite Crew Membership for July 2022 offers a variety of rewards for a recurring fee, including V-bucks, a new skin, and other cosmetic items.

Crew Membership in Fortnite is a rewards system with new items available monthly for a recurring fee. July Crew Pack rewards will be available at approximately 8 p.m. If the players are not subscribed to the Fortnite Crew Membership, you can still sign up anytime before the next pack is released to claim July rewards.

The Crew Membership has a recurring fee of $11.99, charged monthly until cancelled. Along with the new cosmetics, players with an active Crew membership will receive 1,000 V-bucks each month. V-bucks can be used to purchase a variety of cosmetics in the item shop. Additionally, players can use their V-bucks to cover the cost of the Battle Pass for Fortnite Episode 3 Season 3which gives them access to 10 pages of unlockable items.


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If not already purchased, the PvE Save the World mode in Fortnite it will also be available with a Crew Membership in July 2022. The Save the World game mode is a cooperative campaign where players can build forts and craft weapons to fight hordes of creatures together. This add-on usually costs $14.99, which is slightly more than the cost of the crew membership. If players want to experience Save the World, then Crew Membership is worth purchasing because it costs less and includes additional rewards.

Every July 2022 Fortnite Crew Membership Cosmetic Reward

Fortnite Crew Membership July 2022 Start Date Price & Rewards Phaedra Cosmetics

Access to the Save the World game mode and 1,000 V-bucks included with Crew Membership are just some of the rewards available. Signing up as a crew member will also give players some cosmetics that can be used right away. Phaedra is the new goth-themed outfit coming with the July 2022 Crew Membership, and she’s got a few accessories to match, including the Ceph Back Bling, available at Fortnite.

After becoming a crew member, players will automatically receive the Phaedra skin and her alternate Shrouded style, as well as the Ceph Back Bling, Stygian Parasol Pickaxe, and Gothic Shadesoarer Glider. An Inky Reflection themed loading screen will also unlock after completing the purchase. These new cosmetics can be applied by going to the locker, selecting each item type, and switching to the new Crew Membership cosmetics.

With plenty of valuable rewards to unlock, Crew Membership is one of the best deals players can take advantage of for a relatively low price. Even if the subscription is canceled later, the rewards received will be permanent, including access to the Save the World game mode. July 2022 Crew Membership Rewards for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 it will be available for players to obtain throughout the month until the next pack is activated.

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Fortnite is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android and PC.

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