Call of Duty DFS Lineup Picks (7/1/22) – DraftKings Daily Fantasy COD Advice


Call of Duty DFS Lineup Picks (7/1/22) – DraftKings Daily Fantasy COD Advice

Hello DFS eSports enthusiasts and welcome back to RotoBaller’s coverage of the Call of Duty DFS Contests for DraftKings! It was a pretty good weekend we had last week, Toronto hurt us and hopefully that won’t happen again this time against Atlanta. We only have two weekends left for the playoffs and every game is important at the moment, especially for the teams that are in the bubble. Boston, Toronto, Minnesota and London are part of that bubble.

This is easily one of my favorite sports to cover here at Rotoballer because I play a lot of COD myself and like to think I’m pretty good at it too. I’ve been following the COD League for about five years and I can finally put all this knowledge to the test! We have some big games ahead of us including Toronto vs Atlanta, Minnesota Rokkr vs. London Royal Ravens. Finally, in our lopsided matchup of the day, we have Seattle Surge taking on Boston Breach.

Today I will bring you my COD DFS tips, analysis and lineup picks for DFS eSports contests on DraftKings at FridayJuly 1, 2022, at 3:00 pm EST. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @DFSKoby Or find me in the slack as I’m happy to interact with readers and try to answer your questions!

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Call of Duty: Major 4 Qualifiers

best of 5

  • Toronto Ultra (+180) vs. Atlanta FaZe (-240)
  • Minnesota Rockkr (-150) vs. London Royal Ravens (+115)
  • Seattle Surge (-550) vs. Boston Breach (+365)

Whiteboard Overview

Atlanta seems to be a nightmare matchup for Toronto as Atlanta has beaten them all 5 times they have met and I don’t see much change. Toronto was handled quite easily by London last week and barely got past LA Guerrillas. Atlanta is still one of the best teams in the league and I don’t see Toronto being able to stop them right now. His best chance is in Control, where Toronto has been better, but that’s only good for one map and that probably means a 3-1 Atlanta win.

This is an interesting matchup. London looked really good in his first game with Gismo in the lineup once again. Minnesota, on the other hand, had a strange weekend, beating Optic 3-1 and then getting beaten in the next game by Florida. I have a feeling we see this one go far and it comes down to who is the best team in SnD. I give Minnesota a slight lead and I think they win 3-2. London will most likely win on HP and I think Minnesota wins on SnD and Control.

Last but not least, we have probably the most decided game of the weekend with the Seattle Surge, who have won their last 9 games in a row! They seem unstoppable right now and after I witnessed the LA Thieves poke fun at Boston again, I see something similar coming from the Seattle Surge tomorrow. Boston’s best chance of winning a map is in SnD and even that seems like a slim chance. It’s going to be tough picking them up to sweep, but I have a feeling they might be the only ones doing it on Friday.

COD DFS Basics

  1. Just like in CSGO, players receive two points for kills and are penalized -1 for dying. Therefore, the simplest stat to look at here is the K/D ratio.
  2. You need to include a team post on both sites. Teams accumulate fantasy points for games won (+4), matches won (+10), and search and destroy/control rounds won (+.5).
  3. Teams will play best-of-five matches in a rotation of various game modes. Those modes and the order in which they are played are as follows: Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, Control, Hardpoint, Search & Destroy.
  4. In hardpoint rounds, players with positive K/D ratios are usually the ones with the highest score and these rounds are usually the bloodiest.
  5. They have also changed a game mode from Domination to Control for League play. This is going to be very different in the game as it is based on rounds and not first in 200. They play first to win 3 rounds. You win by capturing both points or by killing the enemy team until they run out of life. One team defends and the other attacks.
  6. There is a sweep bonus this year as both teams and players can get a 20 point player sweep and a 5 point team sweep. In the event that they sweep, they are also awarded a 20 point bonus for not playing the hard spot and a 5 point bonus for not playing the final Search and Destroy map. That adds up to a sweep of 45 extra points that are going to be very crucial this year.

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Captain COD DFS Considerations

Held down: He leads my Rookie of the Year run this season. He has caught up with the pros and shown just how dominant he can be. It has been a threat to society and the fear of teams of players to face. Pred have scored 100+ DKP or better in 11 of their last 13 games scored by DK. He’s been a big reason behind Seattle’s 9-game win streak that I hope will continue after this matchup. He has a K/D of 1.06 or better in all three game modes and that’s leading his team in matchups. He has the best of both worlds and the only drawback is his $9,800 price tag. He has scored well in games that Seattle has swept, most recently scoring 148, 125 and 123. All of which are very good scores, especially if he’s put in the captain’s seat.

Celio: He really should be up for MVP this year. Without him, this FaZe team would be struggling. He has a bit of a hiccup towards the end of the Major 3 qualifiers, but he bounced back during Major 3. He also looked amazing in his 3-2 win over LAT to start the Major 4 qualifiers at +28 on 92 kills! He was absolutely ballistic and in his last half against the Toronto Ultra he scored 123, I can see a similar score line as Atlanta is likely 3-1 but there is also a possible sweep on the table. Cellium is by far FaZe’s best option based on its price and consistent performance.

Other captain moves: Sib, Abezy, Simp, Attach, Standy

COD DFS Value Plays

Havoc: He’s been all over the place a little bit, but Havok, as long as the whole team isn’t getting stoned and 3-0 like they did last week against Florida, then Havok has scored pretty well. He has scored over 120 in 5 games in his short season so far. This game should be close, and with that said, there should be plenty of kills for Havok to get at least a 100+ scoreline. And at $7400 that’s more than enough to get value for money. He has averaged 1.07 HP, .94 SnD, and 1.14 Control. As long as Minnesota doesn’t get swept, Havok should be in line for a solid performance.

Precision: I love the Accuracy pricing here. He has been playing very well for the last few weeks. It’s been great to see such a resurgence. Since the start of Major 3, he’s only scored under 90 in one game, that’s the one they lost to Toronto at the start of Major 3. Since then, we’ve seen multiple 110+ games. During the Major 3 Qualifiers, he averaged 1.03 HP, 1.15 SnD, and 1.18 Control. This game will most likely end in a sweep as well and all I see with that is a great Accuracy score line. He plays great value in this position.

Other works of value: Arcitys, Afro, Nastie, Priestahh

Batteries COD DFS

Atlanta FaZe: I think it’s pretty obvious that Seattle is the clear stack, so let me give you my second stack. Atlanta has beaten Toronto 5 times in a row this season and Toronto is now coming off a very tough loss to London. Atlanta has proven to be by far the best HP and SnD team recently and the only place I see Toronto having a chance is at Control. This is more than likely a 3-1 situation for Atlanta with a possible sweep if they clean up their control a bit. Player-wise, Cellium is always better than Simp and Abezy when Cellium is cheaper. He went crazy in their 3-2 win over LAT and with him being the cheapest of the three, for me it’s all in Cellium. After that, the Arcitys are pretty cheap and have been playing a bit better recently, so I don’t mind it being that price. I don’t think you can go wrong with Simp and Abezy, so I choose Simp over Abezy, but only by a slim margin.

Other team plays: Seattle Surge, Minnesota Rokkr, London Royal Ravens (GPP)


  1. TLDR: Atlanta 3-1, Minnesota 3-2, Seattle 3-0
  2. Atlanta: All
  3. Toronto: Cammy, CleanX (cheap)
  4. Minnesota: Attach, Standy, Havok
  5. London: Gismo, Afro, Nastie
  6. Seattle: Everything
  7. Boston: T. J. Haly (cheap)

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