3 minigames that have been removed from the Minecraft Championships (MCC)


3 minigames that have been removed from the Minecraft Championships (MCC)

The minigames are what make up each of the nine rounds of the Minecraft Championships. Some of these games have become more beloved than others, such as Battle Box and HITW, while others were retired as early as Minecraft Championship 6.

The Minecraft Championships, or MCC, are a series of invitation-only events that have been held monthly since the event’s debut on November 17, 2019. The tournament has been curated since its debut by The Noxcrew and Scott “Smajor” , the last of which is responsible for forming each of the ten teams of four players that make up each MCC.

These teams compete in a series of nine (or eight, depending on the event) Minecraft minigames designed to test a variety of skills. These skills can range from anything as talent-oriented as player-versus-player combat or parkour to general skills like teamwork, crafting, and puzzle-solving.

There are currently twelve mini-games that have a chance to be selected and played during the current MCC season. That said, there are also some saved and retired minigames that will probably never make it back to the event.

Retired Minecraft Championship Minigames: Foot Race, Lockout Bingo, and Rocket Spleef

3) Rocket Splef

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Rocket Spleef is one of the most recently retired minigames. The game was one of eight original minigames that debuted alongside the event at the first Minecraft Championship. It was retired on May 29, 2021, as it was replaced with an updated version of the game, Rocket Spleef Rush.

Rocket Spleef was a unique hybrid game. In it, competitors were given a shovel that would shoot fireballs to destroy parts of the map and hit other players.

What made this little game so different from a regular game of spleef was its clever use of the Elytra. Competitors would fly around the map in a nonstop frenzy, trying to stay afloat until the end of the round and shoot down other participants to earn coins.

Once the competitors fell into the void, they were out of the round. Rocket Spleef would be played over three rounds, with a bonus round added after Minecraft Championship 6 called TNT Time.

Dynamite rained down on the map during the final two minutes of the third round, with competitors having to dodge a frenzy of falling explosives while trying to avoid fireballs fired by other players.

Rocket Spleef is mostly remembered for a glitch Will “Wilbur Soot” discovered in MCC 3 that caused him to fly infinitely and get stuck on the edge of blocks and Tommy “TommyInnit”‘s career-defining quote being said during one round. from Rocket Spleef in MCC 4: “I just killed a woman, I feel fine.”

Rocket Spleef had a considerably longer shelf life than the other retired minigames, but it will be missed by both competitors and fans of the event.

2) foot race

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Foot Race was one of the eight original minigames that debuted during the first Minecraft Championship; however, it was replaced after MCC 6 with an updated version of the classic parkour game, Ace Race.

The concept of Foot Race is simple. Competitors must race around a two-lap track riddled with obstacles and traps designed to slow players down within a six-minute time limit. Additionally, they can sabotage each other by knocking other players off the map or into obstacles.

As the name suggests, Foot Race was a parkour/motion-based game on MCC. Even though many competitors excelled at parkour and movement in the game, there was only one competitor who came out on top in the four times the minigame was played between MCC 1 and 6.

This gold competitor was Brandon “PeteZahHutt”. He was the fastest competitor in all three rounds of the Foot Race in Minecraft Championship 1, 2, 3 and 6. He managed to set the record for the fastest lap completed in the final event, where the game was played with a fast time of 1 :25:80.

Foot Race was a solid game, but statistically, it seemed biased to keep something on the roster where only one competitor had excelled multiple times. Although it will be missed, its successor, Ace Race, is a much more complete version of the original minigame.

1) lockdown bingo

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Lockout Bingo is the third and final minigame to be removed from the Minecraft Championships. Lockout Bingo was the first of the three games to be replaced, with its replacement, Bingo But Fast, currently in limbo, having been removed as of MCC 13.

This simple minigame was one that allowed competitors who weren’t as skilled at more technical aspects of the game to stand out and win coins. The concept of it revolved around giving players a bingo card with the items they needed to find/craft in a randomly generated survival world.

Technoblade found a way to spice up the slow crafting-based game during the Minecraft 2 Championship. He realized that combat was still on, leading him to make the decision to go on a killing spree, taking other’s items. instead of creating them for them. the same. It was a smart strategy to employ that quickly found its way into the books of other competitors.

Lockout Bingo was slow at times and sadly boring for viewers and competitors alike, which fully contributed to the minigame being replaced with an improved, “sped-up” version after Minecraft Championship 6.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh