How to get free rewards in Fortnite, Rocket League and Fall Guys


How to get free rewards in Fortnite, Rocket League and Fall Guys

in celebration of Fall Guys becoming free-to-play, Epic Games published titles from Fortnite, rocket leagueY Fall Guys come together in a one-of-a-kind crossover called Crown Clash. Players can complete Crown Clash challenges for free rewards around the world. Fortnite, Fall GuysY rocket league. So let’s go over the Crown Clash challenges, how to participate and all the Crown Clash rewards.

Clash of crowns: dates and overview


With Epic Games’ recent acquisition of Fall Guys, the platform Battle Royale has become a free game. Subsequently, Crown Clash was born as a way to honor and draw attention to the Fall Guys free launch. Crown Clash is an opportunity to win free rewards not only in Fall Guys, but in Epic’s other successful free-to-play titles, Fortnite Y rocket leaguealso.

Participants are tasked with completing Crown Clash Challenges in the game on Fall Guys. Each successful Challenge grants a unique reward in Fortnite, rocket leagueY Fall Guys.

Crown Clash will take place from June 29 to July 11, 2022giving everyone less than two weeks to complete all the Crown Clash challenges and earn all the free rewards.

Clash of crowns: how to participate

To join the Crown Clash action and win for free Fortnite, rocket leagueY Fall Guys rewards, all you need to do is download and play Fall Guys on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS.

once in Fall Guys, open your challenges and go to the Crown Clash tab to see your progress in the Crown Clash challenges. You will get rewards on everything Fortnite, rocket leagueY Fall Guys after successfully completing each Challenge.

Clash of Crowns: Fortnite rewards


Fortnite players who participate in Crown Clash can win the Flap Jax Set headlined by the Major Mancake Skin. The complete list of Fortnite The rewards available through Crown Clash are as follows:

  • piled up! Spray
  • Love stacked emoticon
  • Sweet clementine harvesting tool
  • Waffle Back Bling
  • Major Mancake Outfit

Complete all five Crown Clash challenges to unlock Major Mancake and all of his accessories in Fortnite.

Clash of Crowns: Rocket League Rewards


Crown Clash participants will also win some sweet cosmetics for their rocket league Battle cars. the Rocket League Crown Clash rewards are as follows:

  • Canine player colorful banner
  • Colorful Canine Topper
  • Medicine. rare wheels
  • Octane: Cluster Buster Animated Decal
  • Fallout Rocket Booster

Clash of Crowns: Fall Guys Rewards


Crown Clash is a chance to earn some free Kudos to spend on the various cosmetics in the Fall Guys Item shop. In total, there are 3,800 Kudos up for grabs through the Crown Clash crossover event. Complete Crown Clash challenges to earn Kudo packs totaling 3,800 Kudos.

Clash of Crowns Challenges


Crown Clash’s challenges are as basic as it gets. All you need to do is play Rounds in any Show. The ultimate goal of Crown Clash is to rebuild interest in Fall Guys and encourage players to watch the Fall Guys: Free Launch for All. With that said, hop on, play rounds in any show, and eventually you’ll progress through all of the Crown Clash challenges.

  • Play 10 rounds in any show
  • Play 20 rounds in any show
  • Play 40 rounds in any show
  • Play 70 rounds in any show
  • Play 100 rounds in any show

Complete the challenges of Crown Clash in Fall Guys to earn free rewards on everything Fortnite, rocket leagueY Fall Guys. When all is said and done, this Fortnite X rocket league X Fall Guys crossover is the perfect time to load money and cosmetics into three of Epic Games’ top titles.

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