The 10 most ridiculous and hilarious ways to die


The 10 most ridiculous and hilarious ways to die

With Darth Vader now introduced as a new boss in Fortnite‘s Season 3 Chapter 3, many fans are excited to take on the Dark Sith to see if they are as skilled as he is. However, while there is no doubt that it will provide players with an epic battle, the designers have also come up with some amazing new features and death animations.

Now that anyone can ride wolves and boars, they also have to face the possibility of dying while trying to tame these animals. However, this is not the only random risk that Fortnite players face. Some of them can cause a player to die in surprising and ridiculous ways if they aren’t careful enough. But it’s okay, since they can always have a lot of laughs.


burn with a campfire

Fortnite Campfire.jfif

Fortnite players can restore their full health with a nice relaxing campfire. They just have to walk up to one and turn it on. However, if they get too close to the fire, they can get burned, which is especially a problem if a player’s health is already very low.

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It can be really annoying if players barely survive a formidable enemy and end up dying because the campfire made them lose the last of their health. Fortunately, players just have to be careful to prevent this horrible event from happening to them. If they don’t, at least they can always laugh about it.

die in the storm

A player caught in the storm in Fortnite

Fortnite forces players to meet by making the map gradually smaller. If people don’t go to the safe zone, they risk dying in the storm, which takes a certain amount of life away from the character for every second spent there. However, some Fortnite players have a bad habit of staying too long in the storm.

It’s a very dumb way to die, as the game tells players where the next safe zone will be. On top of that, players can pack a large amount of medicine to heal themselves. However, it can be a lot of fun when players run as fast as they can so they don’t die in the storm. It’s even more fun if, on top of everything, they have to carry an injured teammate. The final straw is sometimes making it to the safe zone only to be killed by other players waiting just outside the storm.

someone demolishing your building

fortnite no build mode permanent leak

This battle royale has an interesting feature: if a player manages to destroy every part of a building that touches the ground, the entire building disappears and all objects and people that may have been inside will fall down. It can be a good strategy to surprise enemies unawares, but players must be careful not to accidentally kill their teammates.

If a player is on top of a building or watchtower, it can be really funny to have the ground suddenly disappear from under their feet, especially if it was their partner’s fault. Some Fortnite players use this strategy to play pranks on their friends, as it is one of the few ways they can kill their teammates.

falling from the heights

Fortnite How to fall 10 floors without taking damage when falling from the airship rope

Fortnite it has many locations in high places. One of the best locations in the game, Tilted Towers, has at least five huge buildings. There are also very tall trees or plateaus located in the desert. Although Fortnite characters have gliders, players cannot use them if they fall from these heights. If the player is lucky, he can get away with just a couple of points removed from his life, but sometimes, the character won’t be able to survive a big drop.

Climbing on a roof to get more visibility is always a good idea, but if the player does not watch their steps, they can die sooner rather than later. It can be very anticlimactic to have an epic fight to the death and die first just because they jumped too far left.

hit by a vehicle

Ferrari is the first licensed car in Fortnite

This game has a lot of vehicles and sometimes they add even more for different seasons. Some of them are deadlier than others, like the Battle Bus. However, a good way to defeat an enemy is to simply run them over, and it’s even better if a player places a cowcatcher on the car. The best part is that if the hit doesn’t kill them, the fall surely will.

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As frustrating as it is to die this way, it’s also hilarious. The player character flies away and falls to certain death. In a game that’s supposed to be about mastery and dexterity, taking a car and just starting running people over adds a level of ridiculousness that’s greatly appreciated.

Throw a grenade too close

Fortnite grenades removed

Grenades can be very useful – they provide a great distraction and can also help take down enemies that enter buildings or build walls around you. However, players must be very careful where they are pointed because if they land too close to them, they will surely kill them.

If someone is in the middle of a fight and suddenly throws a grenade at their own feet, it’s just plain fun. Sometimes in the midst of the chaos it’s hard to aim, and other times the player wasn’t even trying to use the grenade. Whatever the reason, it’s a very funny accident.

killed by an animal

Fortnite Season 6 Primal Wolf Animal Bones

There are all kinds of animals in Fortnite: sharks, chickens, wolves and wild boars. Unfortunately, none of them are really friendly, unless the player tames them, which is one of the FortniteThe new features of. Although they are not particularly damaging, if the player is already in the middle of a fight or his health is already low, he may end up being killed by some of these creatures.

Players sometimes try to get powerful weapons from sharks, but these creatures are very aggressive. They even jump to the ground so they can take a good bite out of a character. Wolves are also very persistent in trying to hurt players. Whatever the animal, it’s never an epic kill.

Accidentally attacking an NPC

A player finds Reese in Dirty Docks in Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite It has a multitude of NPCs, some of them are aggressive and players are supposed to defeat them, but others are very friendly and sell useful items. However, if a player accidentally attacks them, he will do everything in his power to kill them.

There is nothing worse than trying to buy something from an NPC and hitting the wrong button at the wrong time. It’s even worse if it happens early in the game and the NPC starts attacking a player who doesn’t have a weapon yet. This is definitely a dumb way to die.

crushed by a tree trunk

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Reality Tree

There are several types of trees in Fortnite, and most of them provide great coverage. Some of them are also useful for getting building materials. However, players must watch out for some trees because their trunks can fall on top of them. This can happen if the tree is felled by an enemy or even if the player is chopping it down for wood.

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Dying because a giant trunk fell on top of the game character can be a real disappointment. But in a game that’s mostly about skill, it’s always fun when something random, like a big tree trunk, is the player’s death.

Accidentally shooting a gas pipe

The Catty Corner gas station in Fortnite Season 3

Fortnite it has some very realistic features, so when a player sees a gas pipe, they should not think that it is merely ornamental. These pipes, just like in real life, are very dangerous. They can work in a player’s favor if they shoot at one that’s close to an enemy, but they can also go horribly wrong if they shoot at a gas pipe that’s close to them.

In the midst of the chaos, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to focus on anything other than the people shooting at the player character. So it’s pretty normal for a player to accidentally end up shooting a gas pipe and creating a huge explosion. It’s even more fun if they manage to not only kill themselves but also other people in the vicinity.

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