Minecraft Allay 1.19: Your new best friend is finally here


Minecraft Allay 1.19: Your new best friend is finally here

With update 1.19 accessible to everyone, I think it’s finally time for us to talk about Minecraft Allay and how the best mob is to be added in this update.

This floating little pillar-headed angelic ghost is perhaps the cutest new mob in Minecraft. And that’s not just because of his looks.

The Allay is a one-of-a-kind retriever mob. Items can be delivered to you and it will search for the same type of item and return it to you..

What is Allay in Minecraft?

The Allay is one of three new mobs added to Minecraft in the 1.19 update. And while he’s definitely the smallest of the bunch, he’s also definitely the cutest.

Allay also falls into the category of mobs that cannot be bred to spawn more of them. They also cannot be named or tamed by the player. Despite both, the Allay are a friendly mob and will not turn hostile towards the player, even when attacked.

calm down at night
An Allay at night in Minecraft

Oh, and if that wasn’t cute enough, Allays also follows you around as you fly and can track you anywhere within a 64-block radius.

Where do Allay’s spawns appear in Minecraft?

As of now, Allays cannot reproduce naturally and can only do so in cages within certain types of structures.

  1. They can appear in Pillager Outposts where they can be found inside cages. This implies that they have been caught by looters for their unique abilities.
  2. The only other place Allays can spawn inside cages is inside a Woodland Mansion.

On another note, they are capable of spawning in groups of one, two, or three at a time.

calm in a cage
Relief in a cage outside a Pillager Outpost

Allays can be released into the world by being released from their cages and will continue to follow players around as a sign of friendship.

Can you tame allies in Minecraft?

The Allay is perhaps the easiest type of animal to tame in Minecraft. Okay, wait, you can’t exactly tame them. Rather, you can make friends with them and they will bring you whatever you want as long as it is within a 32 block radius.

And it’s perhaps the easiest thing to do in the new 1.19 update. How is that? Because you literally don’t have to do anything. As soon as you release Allay from his cage, he will start following you.

And that is. (Lowkey wishes it was that easy to make friends in real life.)

What does The Allay do in Minecraft?

Allays can search for items and bring them to you so you don’t have to. You can tell this little guardian angel to go find you any item in the world and as long as it’s within 32 blocks, it will find it. And he will bring it to you, no matter what.

The Allay, in all its cute glory, might just be the most useful mob in Minecraft.

ease the flight
An Allay with a carrot I just gave

How do I get Allay to bring me items?

This is arguably easier than finding and freeing an Allay, given how rare forest mansions and looting outposts are.

What you need to do is take one (1) of whatever item you want the Allay to find and give it to the Allay. You can do this by using the same key you use to place blocks while you have the item equipped.

dissipate in water
An Allay trying to retrieve the torches I *drove* into the water

The Allay will then hold the item you gave him in his hands and start searching the area around you for more of those items. Allays will eventually return to you with his finds when he has depleted the area around you or filled his inventory (only if the item is stackable).

What does an Allay eat in Minecraft?

Being passive mobs, Allays don’t eat anything at all. So while you can definitely give him a cookie, the Allay will just go and get you more cookies instead of eating them. (I feel a little bad given how cute they are, honestly.)

But wait, it gets sadder. Do you know how most mobs need to eat a certain type of food to allow them to go into love mode and be able to reproduce? The same logic applies to Allay. And since they can’t eat, it also means they can’t reproduce. (cool now i’m sad)

When are alloys added to minecraft?

As of the Minecraft 1.19 update, Allays are already in the game. They were added in the official release of the update and you can look for them as soon as you install it.

And if you (among others) think update 1.19 is mild rather than wild, here are a few mods you can try. Or maybe you need to meet the Guardian. Or you could just jump over (he he) to the swamps to maybe find some frogs.