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An Enderman is one of the many mobs in Minecraft, and one of the few that spawns in both the Nether and the Overworld. While Endermen may seem like quite hostile creatures, they’re actually neutral, meaning they don’t attack you unless they’re aggravated.

As the source of Ender Pearls in Minecraft, an item needed to reach The End and defeat the Ender Dragon, you will need to encounter and defeat Endermen in your Minecraft world. In this article, we will show you how to create your own Enderman farm with a simple step by step guide and get all the Ender Pearls and XP you need.

What is an Enderman?

Enderman at the end of Minecraft

An Enderman is a tall, black and purple Minecraft mob. Based on the fictional horror character Slenderman, the Endermen have long arms and legs and are easily distinguished from any other Minecraft mob.

When killed, an Enderman has a chance to drop an Ender Pearl, which increases to four when killed with a Looting III sword. Ender Pearls are required to find and open the End Portal, so you’ll need to defeat some Enderman if you want to kill the Ender Dragon and visit The End.

The Endermen are the only mob to appear in the Nether, Overworld, and The End, making them a unique mob. They spawn at light level 0, so you can try forcing Endermen to spawn in dark areas or specifically built mob spawners, but there is an easier way to farm Ender Pearls.

When do the Endermen attack?

As we mentioned, Minecraft Enderman is a neutral mob, only turning hostile when aggravated. This means that, for the most part, you can live in peace alongside the cute Endermen…as long as you’re careful where you look. You see, Endermen are sentient creatures, and they will only get angry if you look them in the eye, in other words, when your curse is directed at their face. If this happens, you’ll see them open their mouths and the Enderman will start hissing, before quickly teleporting towards you and attacking.

This can be particularly problematic in The End, when you’re surrounded by Endermen frustratingly getting in your line of sight. This is where a carved pumpkin can come in handy, as it will prevent an Enderman from attacking if you look at it by mistake.

how to make an easy enderman farm

While there are a few different layouts for high-yield, automated Endermen farms that you can build in various locations in Minecraft, there is a simple manual farm that is the fastest and easiest way to farm enough Ender Pearls for a normal survival world. In the 2020 Minecraft Nether update, Warped Forest biomes were added to The Nether, and this is the best place, before The End, to find a lot of Endermen en masse. Below you will find the easy method to farm Ender Pearls using what we have learned above.

In the Nether update, the underworld received a host of exciting new biomes, from the fossil- and skeleton-infested Soulsand Valley, to the dangerous lava parkour of the Basalt Delta. A new biome, the turquoise-hued Warped Forest, gives the Enderman a regular home, and it’s one of the places you’re most likely to see them in larger numbers. As such, this is the biome you’ll need to find before starting your Enderman Minecraft farm.

Enderman Warped Forest Minecraft

When you’ve found an area in the Warped Forest where you can see some Endermen, you’ll want to build a platform of at least five square blocks and only two blocks above ground (two air blocks below). This is tall enough to fit underneath, but too small for Endermen!

enderman farm minecraft

Standing under your platform, in the center, you’ll want to start looking around, irritating nearby Endermen by looking them in the eye! Doing this will cause them to come towards you to attack you, but if you’re standing in the center under your platform, they won’t be able to reach you. Pull out your own sword, axe, bow, or crossbow, however, and you’ll be able to attack the hordes of Endermen around you. However, be careful to make sure you have them all before you go to collect your rewards, as they can teleport and return when you least expect it!

Aggravated Enderman Minecraft

What are ender pearls used for?

Once you’ve farmed your Ender Pearls, you’ll want to turn some of them into Eye of Ender using Blaze Powder. Throw Eye of Ender into the air and they will float towards your nearest Fortress. You will then need up to 12 Eye of Ender to fill the End Portal once you find it. Throw an Ender Pearl, on the other hand, and you’ll teleport to where it lands. This is great for avoiding a lot of fall damage or getting somewhere quickly and easily, like high up or over a body of water.

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